My not-so-fun experience with Chia seeds. In another post I asked if toasted flax was primal and/or ok to consume. I used to like eating it a few years ago before the IBS really started to kick in. It's important to note that I have a pretty serious case of IBS. Some respondents suggested that I drop the flax and choose Chia instead. So I tried some. Yesterday. 1 tsp.

Aside from the lump of glue it produced, and the taste of cardboard?

I did not sleep last night. At all. I was in such pain. I thought I would surely DIE. Gas. It felt like my gut was churning butter.

It's now nearly 24 hours later and I'm just starting to feel better. And yes, it was the Chia seeds, with 100% certainty.

There is no way that Chia seeds can be good for people with IBS. Maybe not all people with IBS, but certainly not me. Not only that, now I'm stuck with a $12 bag of organic Chia seeds. I have a Chia frog... but. If I was to sprout the seeds, cut off the seed ends and use the sprouts in salads, would that still be acceptable? I haven't read any posts about sprouts. Like alfalfa or garlic sprouts. I guess I wouldn't get the same benefit as I 'should' from the seed itself, but at least there has to be some benefit to eating the sprouts. Yes/No? I'd hate to use the seeds solely on the frog. That would be a pretty stylin' frog with expensive, organic Chia fur!