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Thread: how do you IF?

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    how do you IF?

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    inspired by mark's blog, i'm curious about how those who utilize IF do IF.

    after reading Mark's blog, i was curious about how i did "IF." it just started by eating when i was hungry and not eating when i was not hungry. it usually involved skipping lunch.

    but, more recently, it's shifted a bit. i find that i eat dinner finishing at 9 pm at the latest, and then i don't eat again until 10 am. so 13 hours. i'm usually up from 7:30 onwards, and doing household stuff, work stuff, playing with the baby and so on. and of course, being online.

    at 10, i have a "snack" either a couple of eggs or bacon (sometimes one egg, one bacon). then, around 1:30/2 i'll have lunch -- veggies, meat, added fat of course. if i'm hungry before yoga around 5:00 i'll have a snack, but i recently have not been having a snack then. i'm usually hungry after yoga, so i will have a quick snack then (piece of fruit, coconut cream, left overs from lunch, whatever i can grab in 10 seconds and get down befoe the baby asks for it), and then i put the baby down to bed.

    on a good night, he goes to sleep around 8. on a difficult night, around 8:30, whihc means i'm not getting dinner until then, which is why i tend to finish around 9. if he doesn't go down at 8:30, i then IF from snack to AM, and wake up and have breakfast around 8/9. so, it's still probably a long IF around 13/14 hrs.

    i'm just curious about what you all do and/or notice about yourselves.

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    Daily from 16-20 hours. When I feel like it (usually every-other week) I'll do a 24-36 hour.

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    I sleep better on an empty stomach so my IF starts after lunch and goes to breakfast. It's naturally how I've always eaten. Sometimes I eat a little chicken or some coffee/cream but it's very minimal. I do have a nice size breakfast and a really big lunch.

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    I've pretty much always done something close to 16/8 when I do IF. There's enough variance that the fasting part might end at anywhere from 15 - 20 hours, but I generally stop eating by 8pm regardless of when I stopped fasting. Even if I'm staying up til midnight or later my dinner usually holds me over.

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    IF starts right after dinner, and lasts until 11 or noon the next day. I eat when I'm hungry and try to avoid eating when I'm not.
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    Eat between 1 and 9pm I'm usually sleeping by 11 and wake up at 7am latest. On weekends I eat breakfast if I'm doing so with someone else.

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    Does anyone IF who has adrenal issues?
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    I finish dinner between 7-8pm and then eat my first meal between 11-12am. Sometimes around 10am sometmies later. So I guess you could say its more the 16/8 method.

    I do drink 1-2 cups of black coffee in the morning, but thats it

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    I've only properly IF'd a few times, its an interesting mental phenomenom for me. Not eating after lunch, so nothing till breakfast. Getting past that boredom phase seems to be the hardest... its not like I'm really hungry (might get a few random hunger pangs, but nothing major) it's more that I'm used to eating at a certain time and oh oh, why arent I now... I think if I was busy with something, doing an IF would be even harder, being busy makes me hungry. It's why I can never IF at a lunchtime when I'm working, whereas in the weekend I could quite happily skip a meal. There's a brain connection there somehow????

    Mostly though, its a 12 hr IF from dinner through to breakfast anyway for me most days... we tend to eat early evening.

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    Food: dinner only, daily, consisting of a big chunk of meat/organ meat/fish, some veges on the side and coconut milk based dessert.

    Fluids: green tea anytime before 6pm or water whenever I feel like it
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