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    Fasting Information needed

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    Hello Friends,

    I am on PB for the past 2 week and this is third week. I already see improvements and I am 200% sure that this will actually transform me.
    Now I want to see some amazing results so I have started some serious workout 6 days a week. I am thinking about fasting 1 day a week for even better results (if it is a good thing) so here are some questions.
    Is fasting good for health?
    If yes, I am planning on fasting on Sunday as that is my rest day. I dont think it is a good idea to fast on weekday because I work & workouts. So I plan on having dinner on sat night and eating again on monday morning breakfast.
    Is this a good idea? How about if I take protein shake on my fast day to supply some energy to my body as I read an article which says that during first 24 hours of fasting energy is taken out from muscles and not fat.

    Any help is really appreciated.


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    I don't know what kind of workouts you're doing, but one day a week doesn't sound like adequate rest.

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    Funny, Mark's blog today is about this, I would suggest you read that, and the links he provided.

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    I'm doing it at the moment.
    Nothing in the belly from 10pm to 1pm the next day - sound's easy when you say it fast..

    Go here, everything you need to know.

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    You would probably be better served to stick with PB for at least another week before throwing fasting into the mix. Also, don't burn yourself out training 6 days a week. Think long-term. It's easy to get all worked up, run yourself into the ground, and then burnout. Make it a journey.

    Good luck.

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    Check out Mark's latest article on IF, but quickly:
    *The body (and mind) benefits greatly from regular IFs, and
    *You'll be pulling from body fat stores, not muscle.

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