Hey guys!

I know you don't get a sixpack in 6 weeks, but let me just tell you, that I lost 12kg/26.45lbs -- I went from 82kg/180.77lbs to 70kg/154lbs in just a few months (maybe 3-4?).
I am not Primal for 4 months, but dieted before that as well.

Anyways, I am 18 years old and about 177cm/5.80feet.
When I stand in front of the mirror, you can see a shade of abs, when I flex, you can see them. But there is still a little bit of fat, down on the bottom, which is weird, because I have lost so much weight and wasn't really fat before that, I just wanted to live healthier and drop bodyfat%.
I already lost muscle as well, so I am kinda scared I will become too skinny.

Any suggestions and help?

PS: I'm fully Primal, except for getting wasted on the weekens 1-2 times! And even then I don't eat, at least no crap!