So I have dabbled in enough of these journals to realize that it is probably beneficial to write one...and maybe when I am successful it is my hope that someone looking at mine will find encouragement and fight...and say to themselves "hey! I can do this, she makes it seem easy=)"

Batty aka (Hands off my bacon journal for those of you who don't know) seems to have the right mindset for us women. If you haven't read it -do so now. In my journey through constantly trying to be the weight the chart at the doctors office specifies for me, I have finally found one thing out! (cue light-bulb) It is ultimately how I feel...I know I know....duh! However, you know this too...but how many of you actually feel this way? How many of us have put away the scale and the calorie counts and the "skinny jeans" and quit trying to look like the 6'0 110lb model mannequin image we see everyday. I am still trying to do this myself...I urge everyone who reads this...lets do this together (especially women, sorry men I canT relate=))

Lets KicK ouR SUgAR Habit in the ass!! I am ready...I want to do this...and I want you guys to hold me accountable. Help me when Im down, Encourage me when Im up, and Scold me for my wrong. You can't hurt my feelings. I will do the same for you. That being said I will do my best to journal my foods and thoughts everyday.

EAT, drink and be merry my primitive pals....