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Thread: Conventional wisdom w/ illness vs. Primal methodology

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    Allowed to work from home due to emergencies (i.e. snow storms, car breakdowns) but if we are sick we have to take PTO or come in. Yup it makes absolutely no sense and is the brute force way of dealing with a couple poorly performing employees, punish everyone yeehaw!

    When my second fever came, I took the day and I kept myself wrapped up in a blanket in a very warm house. Drank warm tea and kept a close eye on my temp. I agree temperature's serve a useful purpose and I generally only stop them if they start going to high for my liking or I need to feel 'okay' for a few hours to deal with real life.

    Pine and eucalyptus, wow sudden childhood memories - I remember hanging my head over a bowl of hot steamy water as a child inhaling this stuff. My parents used to make me do it for 30 minutes every night and morning when I had a bad cold or chest infection going on, in addition to any drugs I was on. Thanks for the reminder, I remember it help clear things up quickly with or without prescription meds. Darn, why has my old brain forgotten this stuff?!?


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    Probably a lack of rosemary - very good for memory, as Ophelia said .

    I wouldn't be without a few good quality essential oils in the house. Tea tree (for infected cuts) and lavender (for more or less everything else) are essentials.

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    If I had a persistent fever such as yours I would want a culture done on the mucus to see if anti-b's are indicated. We apparently work for the same idiots. Good luck.
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    10,000iu of Vitamin D3 each day, makes my immune system bulletproof.

    I recently had 2 cases of Strep Throat, and one case of Flu in my house, and I managed to avoid both completely......without avoiding the people who were sick. Hell, I was sleeping with one of the strep victims.....she doesn't eat Paleo. :-)

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    Mucinex. Preferably the generic version (not so $$$) It loosens the chest crud and lets you hack it up and out.

    My brother was quite prone to lung infections as a little guy (asthma) and that helped tremendously. The active ingredient in the cough syrup he took then (he's 29) is the same as mucinex.

    and +1 on each of the vit D suggestions.

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    I am a believer in using the right OTC remedies at the right time. For breaking a fever, Motrin usually does the job for me. And it has to be Motrin and not a generic ibuprofen - it must be the inactive ingredient combination. For any congestion you feel is getting out of hand, take a decongestant med like Mucinex MD - it keeps the mucus from taking hold. Get as much extra sleep as possible, drink lots of liquid, take steamy showers, and supplement with Vitamin C and D3.

    Do not take any antibiotics unless the doctor takes a culture that shows a bacterial infection. And when you must take an antibiotic, ask your doctor for a specific one, don't let the doctor just give you what they want to give you. For bacterial infections, ask for Zithromax (azithromycin), commonly known as Z-Pack. Do not take Ciprofloxacin, and don't ever let your doctor prescribe this for you. Serious adverse events occur more commonly with this class of antibiotics (fluoroquinolones) than with any others, especially with athletic people. All antibiotics are not equal.

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