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Thread: On a body weight plateau...need help to move off of it

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    On a body weight plateau...need help to move off of it

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    Like Mark Sisson's website! Learning new ideas for body weight workouts.
    Diet. I eat Paleo and stopped eating starchy foods like sweet potato to reduce unwanted BF. Hit a serious BF plateau and can't seem to lose the last 5%. Rats! 55 to 62% good fats, around 25 to 28% good protein (meat, fish), and rest is carbs. Nothing has changed in the past month with this diet. Also, been eating Paleo for 2 years. Care to share ideas how to break through this BF plateau. (I lift heavy 3x a week and crossfit too).

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    Are you incorporating IF and once-a-week sprints?
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    Hey David,

    My suggestion is to start ramping up your workouts a bit in the form on circuit training using body weight exercises. Also, try to advance some of the exercises you're currently performing, instead of push ups try Hindu Push Ups).

    I've got plenty of examples of advanced body weight exercises, progressions, and free workouts on my YouTube channel, try them out!

    and here's some workouts you might want to give a try!

    And don't forget about this great book if you're looking for something to help you with your body weight training, progressions, and workouts! =)

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