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Thread: Periodic Fatigue, Any Ideas?

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    Question Periodic Fatigue, Any Ideas?

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    Hi all,

    Firstly, thanks for being such a supportive community, I really appreciate all of you. I don't ask advice of anybody, ever. But here goes.

    Since starting PB a little over a month ago, I have had days of feeling great and energetic and days of feeling not so much. I thought at first that it was the ketosis, which seemed to last for about two weeks. But yesterday, I literally could have gone right back to bed at 10am. And since I'm home with my 18mo daughter, that is not an option.

    Since y'all usually ask for a sample menu, I'll beat you to the punch:
    B — 2-3 eggs fried in butter and a tiny sprinkle of cheese, 2 slices of bacon, chai tea with whole milk
    L — BAS with leftover chicken or steak, romaine lettuce, microgreens, tomatoes, avocado, scallions, olive oil and lime juice dressing
    D — Pan-seared rib eye with sauteed broccolini
    All day — Lots of water, if (big IF) I need a snack I eat a few macadamia nuts and a bit of coconut

    I haven't run a day through a calorie counter yet, because I'm lazy. But I have a few musings. Do I need more calories? Am I just in constant ketosis and need to bump up my carbs to get out? Is my body still transitioning? Is this just regular life? I guess I'm a bit bummed because everyone seems so energetic, and I'm missing out.

    Other random info: No depression, nothing like that. My doctor did suggest Vitamin D supplementation (haven't tested my levels yet), does anyone have any experience with fatigue before and after Vit D supp? I'm 5'4" and 127 pounds or so (it seems to vary every day by a pound or two). I'm cheating very little, I'm sure I'm nowhere near 20%. The weight plateaued for a week and a half, but seems to be moving again. I'm not hungry between meals.

    Anything else you need? Any suggestions or info is much appreciated. Thanks in advance to everyone.

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    A couple things jump out at me...

    1. I found a decent/good increase in my energy levels when I got my Vit D levels up to normal. So I would consider that at the top of the list.

    2. How is your sleep quality? My sleep and therefore my energy are improved by taking Magnesium (I actually use oil not oral, but I am not sure if it matters)

    3. Eggs - some people find that too many eggs can cause all sorts of issues. They can be great for some people, but they are high in lectins and can be allergenic. I can't eat them. You may want to see if a little time with no eggs helps.

    All that being said, I am not crazy energetic like some people here. My energy has gone from 0-1 (for about ten years due to autoimmune disease) to about a 4-6 since going primal, increasing D, adding a good B12, Mg, and potassium. But I still have tons of room for improvement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buttercup View Post
    I haven't run a day through a calorie counter yet, because I'm lazy. But I have a few musings. Do I need more calories? Am I just in constant ketosis and need to bump up my carbs to get out? Is my body still transitioning? Is this just regular life? I guess I'm a bit bummed because everyone seems so energetic, and I'm missing out.
    Any of the possibilities you suggest might be the answer. Most folks have high and low energy days. I have had more energy but I'm not exactly frolicking. It probably would be good to figure out your calories. But your typical day looks great. Having an 18 month old can be exhausting. :-)
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    I find when I'm in ketosis I am more tired, but I'm like you, so lazy about counting anything. What a drag! I can only tell by my breath. Maybe try eating more carbs?
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    Thanks everyone. I accidentally IFed the other day (17 hours) and felt pretty good. Not sure how to incorporate that into my life on a regular basis though. It sounds like many folks do it once or twice a week. Would that suffice?

    Also, saw Mark's old post about carb refeeding. While I don't think I'm in the league of those trying to shave off every little BF percentage point, someone made an interesting comment that it can be helpful for women who find themselves tired all the time from PB. I have to say, I was scared after a minor "cheat" last week, but it actually seemed to help nudge the scale down a smidgen. Any experience out there with this?

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    My window to eat is noon til 6pm. Very very easy to do. Sometimes I go longer.
    Give it a try. The rewards are so worth it. Best wishes!

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    I've just been addressing some fatigue issues in the last few weeks (more than a year Primal), nothing major, just not quite my normal self particularly in the second half of my cycle.

    I decided to try magnesium (read lots and lots about the benefits and relative difficulty of getting sufficient through diet alone) and Vitamin D, this is the big one I think, especially feeling this way in February, seems to be a common theme for us living north of the Equator, and I live a loooonnnng way north LOL!

    So, I've been taking 300 mg magnesium (as 150 mg chelated and one osteocare which gives 150 mg magnesium with some calcium/boron/zinc etc) with my evening meal along with 1,000 IU of Vitamin D3 and then with breakfast 3000 IUs of Vitamin D3. I've also included 5-HTP but that doesn't seem relevant to your situation.

    Results so far have been impressive, a definite lightening of mood and improved energy and no cravings or energy slump in this PMS phase. My money would be on vitamin D for you, unless you are living somewhere seriously warm year round!
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    I had that problem my first month too (mind you I'm only just nearing the end of my second month). It was really bad for me the first 3 weeks. I started off just having Soy Crisps (extend crisps to be specific) and that worked but I just didn't like that as a solution.

    So I started with the supplements instead. Eventually I found a combo that worked for me. I think it's a bit overkill so I'll adjust it as necessary. Like If i'm just a little tired I'll take the multivitamin and the magnesium. If I did some heavy drinking the night before I'll run the whole gammut.

    Breakfast: 1 400mg Magnesium, 1 Multi Vitamin, 1 800mg Vitamin D, 1-2 Servings "Vegetable Greens"

    Lunch: (If I'm feeling tired only) 1 Vitamin B-50, 1 Vitamin C-500, 1 800mg Vitamin D, 1 Chelated potassium

    Dinner: I'll have extra helpings of veggies like cauliflower, peas, proccoli or brussels sprouts.

    Before Bed: 1 Magnesium (I take the extra magnesium because it helps manage my migraines)

    I would suggest taking less vitamin D than I do. I'm on "doctor's orders" 1000-2000mg a day "until further notice." Then again until I started this diet I wasn't taking the Vitamin D like I was supposed to anyway. And seeing as I work in a basement.... the joys of working in IT.

    I've got to head back and get some additional blood work done so we'll see when that happens.

    Keep us posted on how it goes for you!

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