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Thread: Marathon lessons

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    Marathon lessons

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    I want to thank those who have posted advice about marathons on the forum and answered my questions - the comments were very helpful. I ran my marathon yesterday, and did better than I expected. As recommended, I did not change totally to primal before the race, so no low carb flu.

    I had read that the CW idea is "calories in caolries out" in terms of weight loss - so I always approached my runs looking for a calorie deficit - even during a marathon. This time I just made sure I took in adequate nutrition before and during the race, and so avoided the depleted feeling I have experienced in several marathons. What a difefrence!

    Now the experiment will be to go full primal and see how my running goes...

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    good luck!
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    Congratulations! Not too many people have what it takes to train for and finish a marathon.
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