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Thread: My "Get Awesomely Fit and Healthy" Primal Journal- end the binge eating cycle!!!

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    My "Get Awesomely Fit and Healthy" Primal Journal- end the binge eating cycle!!!

    Hey Everyone! So I am not new to the Primal lifestyle at all. I am a 23 year old female and heard about it all this past Fall. I am an avid athlete and coach and have always wanted to be the healthiest I could be, while looking my best! I did primal pretty well (still indulged in my 20%) for about 2 months from the middle of October until the Holiday season when I went home. I literally read every "definitive guide" and every blog post. I have read the PB twice and even have Mark's cookbook. I LOVE everything about PB. Unfortunately, I totally fell off the wagon when I went home for Christmas. While during those two months I went from a fit 133 to a very toned 125, I quickly put all that back on and then some.

    I would go on these binges and then tell myself to "get it all in" because "you will be going back to Primal tomorrow". Well I have basically been cycling in and out of primal eating and binge eating ever since then. I haven't even gone a whole week without a binge. I always beat myself up about it after. Especially when my stomach is completely bloated, sore to the touch, I have a headache, I don't sleep well, my muscles are sore, and I feel like a beached whale. Yet every time I do it again!!

    Well, I just binged...again, after being good for a week. It always seems to be the weekends that I fall off. Times when I am bored, or emotional, or who knows what, but it happens. Well I just weighed myself and I am up to 141. I cannot even believe it. I have always been around 133 and going primal helped me get fit but now I am just a complete mess and I am heavier than I have ever been and just feeling down about it.

    It has to stop now, and that is why I am starting a Primal Journal. I hope that maybe if I post on here it will hold me more accountable, and maybe I can get some feed back and positive encouragement to keep going! Every time I read a story out there about someone who has overcome obstacles to follow the Primal Lifestyle and lead a healthy, happy life, I am inspired. I want that for myself and I plan on getting it.

    Today I start my 30 Days of Strict Primal Eating. I am going to only eat primal foods. Also remove all dairy and nuts ( tend to be an issue for me). I have never done this for thirty days but saw the Whole9 Whole30 and want to try it. It starts now with an end to my binge and a start to my new healthy life!!

    Starting weight- 141lbs, ~ 25% body fat
    Goal weight- 125lbs, ~16-18% body fat ??
    I will not be weighing myself or taking any "measurements" for the whole 30 days

    More importantly: Want to be fit and healthy. Want to learn how to view food as fuel, and not let it have control over me. Want to feel good about the fact that I finally stuck to something and saw it through to get the results I have always wanted!

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