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Thread: Going Primal: College Edition

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    Going Primal: College Edition

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    Fellow Groks and Grokettes,

    After several months of submersing myself into the primal lifestyle and actively geeking out on the marveling and eye-opening science and philosophy of being a modern-day cavewoman, I am now officially making it public to all.


    Because I love engaging in this emerging movement, and feel that even though I spend so much time reading and learning this "pseudo-science/philosophy" as they call it, I think it is equally or more important to hear other people's input and encouragement in this change of lifestyles.

    Therefore, I will start recording how I tackle my new way of life - dietary, movement, and philosophy - to learn from my experience and hope that others who are fairly new as well will have to chance to learn from my experiences as well.

    My main emphasis is tackling my dietary choices in one of the hardest times of your life to change it: college. The temptations of just eating sh*tty dorm food, gas-mart hotdogs and beer. Getting good quality of food in a tight budget.

    So far, I've made it happen... sort-of. And if a college student can make it happen, anyone can!

    I'll start posting soon!


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    This is definitely an awesome idea... I'm in college as well (though stuck with dining hall food) so I'm curious as to what you end up posting. Can't wait to read and looking forward to the advice/observations of a fellow college-kid gone primal :P

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