I have resisted IFing because I have adrenal issues and everything I've read says to not skip meals, among other things. I decided to do an experiment and ate around 6pm last night and did not "break my fast" until around 1pm or so today. So, basically, I skipped my am meal which I would normally have before 9 am on a Saturday. I felt a little off this morning but soldiered through. I figured I would need a lazy day or at least morning to get through this. I have rarely skipped a meal or even a snack in many years until beginning primal the end of Nov.

Here's what I managed to do today, more than on a normal day, actually:
get myself and DD ready to go
farmer's market
picked up DD's friend and drove them 45 mins to lunch at a restaurant
took them to a small amusement park where I stood for about two hours
drove 45 mins back to our town and dropped DD off at her friends
went shopping for 2 hours, tried on about 15 garments (needed smaller clothing )
shopped for DD a valentine's gift
picked DD up and drove home
prepared a quick but awesome primal dinner and ate
parked my butt on the couch

Normally, going shopping after an outing would be very difficult for me, but it seems like I had more energy than usual. Will continue to experiment with this.