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    Reflux meds...anyone experience getting off or reducing meds?

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    Hi All,
    I just began my Primal life and my hope is to stay healthy and strong, reduce or eliminate my daily reflux med...I am normal weight and have been working out with P90X.

    My SO and I are doing the Primal life together and I love the food- it's delicious and easy to prepare... and play as *exercise*. Can't beat that!!
    After only 3 days I have lost all carb/sweet cravings...sleep soundly, and totally abandoned my *need* for an afternoon caffeine fix to get through the gloom after 3 PM.
    I have NO afternoon crash anymore!! It's wonderful. I woke up early raring to go...instead of dragging my sorry butt out of bed.
    The renewal of normal energy is exhilarating. Enough about my conversion-sorry.......

    Has anyone had experience with reducing or eliminating reflux meds after going Primal?
    It's the only medication I take...and I hate taking it daily.(for age 50 I guess it's ok considering what many my age are taking..but I would love NOT to take it)

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    I'm one of the few hard cases getting off that med. Many go a week off wheat and are off the med almost immediately. It took me a long time. But yes, I took Prilosec since the day it went over the counter. Before that I was living off of the other over the counter meds and sucking on Tums when I slept. Today I no longer take the med and rarely suck on a Tums.

    My suggestion, get off the PPIs now. Suck on an antacid only when necessary and let your body heal itself. You're Primal/Paleo now. That's the first step--which is really a huge leap in the right direction. Read up on why you need to be off the PPI and understand they are the problem not the solution.

    Begin here:

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    The series I linked above at the Healthy Skeptic is a must read. After that, check out this post at Free the Animal about kicking PPIs cold turkey.

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    i didnt have this problem but i have read many stories of people successfully reducing or elimination reflux ,so it is possible
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    I did! I did!

    I was taking Pepcid once/twice a day for a least a year, and then later was prescribed Prevacid. After going primal for two weeks, I took myself off prevacid and started to ween myself off completely with my remaining Pepcid.

    Sometimes, I still get a bit of indigestion (I think it has to do with my gallbladder mostly) but a few deep breaths, a drink of water and a good burp gets rid of burning sensation.

    I do stay far far away from balsamic vinegar (so sad) and pastrami - brings back all that horrible pain within an hour.

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    Yes. I did. After 11 years!

    Don't drink any water with your meals, it will help restore the acid balance. You can also take digestive enzymes for a while with your food to help the transition. Enzymedica's Digest Gold works well. Good luck with it.

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