With the reports of the benefits of IF hailing more dense than ever, I'd love to see an interview or study of the author of the Warrior Diet; Ori Hofmekler. Not necessarily about his diet plan, but more about the man himself and his view of the "mainstream" IF advice today.

He has a reputation of being crazy fit for his age (like Mark), well educated, strong and fast.

Ori has been fairly invisible and quiet for years now. However, Mercola recently posted an interview with Ori Hofmekler.

Perhaps, IF-wise, Ori can clear alot of questions that might still circulate about what's happening in the body?

I personally look up to Ori (he's a legend to me) and think that what he says makes a lot of sense.
He started out afraid of saturated fat and animal protein, but today seems to recommend fat fuel (saturated and monounsaturated) over carbs.

A different point of view of IF rather than Leangains, Leangains, Leangains.