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Thread: Help! Can't lose body fat! Need suggestions and advice.

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    Help! Can't lose body fat! Need suggestions and advice.

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    This is long but I am really at my wits end and could use the help.

    Male, 31, 6 ft, 240 lbs, 26% BF

    I have been working out for the last 5 weeks (5 days per week AST Max OT program), 2-3 hrs of cardio weekly, with a clean diet and I have lost 0 lbs.

    I have lost 1% BF and a few inches But with my diet in check, and the calories in versus out I should be losing more rapidly.

    I am at my heaviest weight in 4 or 5 years and the last year I just have not been able to lose body fat.

    I am not new to working out or eating clean.

    About 8 years ago I weighed in at 292. I did Atkins for 8 months and lost 50 lbs. I carried that 242 for about 1.5 and then kicked up my workouts, and followed a low calorie (1800-2000 per day), lowered carb diet for about 2 months and lost another 20 lbs.

    Over the last 4-5 years I have maintained 222 - 230. I am always active and recognize that my body does not respond well to carbs.

    Beginning of this year I did the Warrior Diet (similar to Primal) and got down to 216 from 230 at the time.

    The last 9 months or so I have really wanted to commit to dropping some body fat despite my energy levels being lower than the past few years.

    I tried the Anabolic Diet (high protein/fat/low carb for a few months and only gained weight and fat. I have tried the Warrior Diet again and with basically no results.

    At the beginning of October I was 228. I went on a cruise (definitely overate), and came back at 236.

    Within 2 weeks I was down to 230.

    My weight has crept up and I am now at 240/241.

    The last 8 weeks I have focused really on a lifestyle change of lean meats, green veggies. My only carbs come from veggies, and an occasional sweet potato. I have walnuts or almonds daily.. About a 1/4 cup, and occasionally with have some peanut butter as a snack. I have had maybe 5 "cheat meals" (Pizza, a couple cookies, burrito, etc...) in the last 2 months.

    The funny thing is normally when I have say been on Atkins and ingested carbs I have gained several lbs before losing it again. With the cheat meals most times I have lost a lb.

    I just simple cannot lose weight even with low carb that my body has responded to well in the past.

    The harder I work, and better I eat, my weight / BF stays the same.


    Could it be my cortisol levels are too elevated? Severely insulin resistant?... Even though the lower carb lifestyle has not been yielding results as before?

    Other health info

    For the last few years I have increasingly been having symptoms such as fatigue, lowered sex drive, brain fog, mild depression, irritability, and many other related symptoms. I have gotten tested from my doctor (Kaiser) many times for TSH, Glucose, Testosterone and all were in normal range. Over the last year I have talked to a few alternative doctors and they thought I may have some from of adrenal fatigue. The symptoms are certainly all there and I did have a very high stress job along with anxiety.

    I was tested for all the major male hormones including cortisol last year about this time and the saliva cortisol morning level was pretty low. Although getting cortisol tested this year (blood test) all was normal.

    The only thing that came just in the last 4 months was they tested my Vitamin D and it was severely deficient, so I was started on vitamin D supplementation.

    My alternative medicine doctor also recommended based on some test and consultations to supplement with some amino acids, EFA's, green foods, and to really get my diet better in check... Cut out the white sugars, flour, wheat... basically low carb it.

    I have been on that regimen for the last 9 weeks.

    I have had some increase in energy although about once per week I do still wake up tired and achey. My sex drive is stronger and I am producing more semen. I am getting stronger in my weight training I still am very irritable it seems.

    I know this may not be all the details but any thoughts or questions are appreciated.

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    I think you're definitely missing the entire point if you're aiming for lean meats.
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    I'd suggest ditching the nuts for a while, see if that helps. Definitely ditch the peanuts - they are a legume and not good for you.

    Good luck, I hope this helps.

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    Mark suggests trimming the fat off store bought meat so you could just get lean meat if store bought. If buying pasture-raised etc don't have to be concerned about the fat.

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    My suggestion is to track everything you are eating for a while to confirm your intake of calories and the amount of fats/carb/protein. I found when I was not losing weight, I was just eating too much food. A guy your size with a solid fitness program should not have a hard time losing body fat as long as your diet is in check.

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    Maybe your cortisol levels are elevated, are you getting enough sleep? From what I understand, just being stressed out about the weight loss or working out too hard could cause issues with cortisol as well. Fattier meat vs. lean will help keep you full longer and help reduce the amount of food you consume.

    Good luck with your continued weight loss, I have kind of hit a plateau as well. I decided to forgo nuts and dairy for a couple of weeks, make sure I get about 9 hours of sleep and just relax a little bit more. I'm hoping that helps get me over the edge.

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    The first thought I had, also, was that you are probably not getting enough fat. Try to limit the nuts and get more healthy fats from meat, coconut oil, and olive oil.

    Also, I have had adrenal issues as well as I think it takes awhile for the adrenals to recover and for you to become a "fat burner".

    Do you eat between meals? Stopping the snacks has made a huge difference for me in a short time. I am quickly becoming convinced that this helps "tune up" your pancreas, liver, etc. so that they function better.
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    What's your daily menu like? You need a calorie deficit for your body to burn stored fat, if your eating too much there's no reason for your muscles to use stored fuel.

    I've been primal 3mo, lost just about 25lbs and get shit for sleep, maybe 4-5hrs. I IF, no supplementation, no nuts or seeds, no dairy, no snacks, no coffee or tea and eat 1 or 2 moderately fat meals a day. My guess carbs are in the 30-50 range. Workout twice a week, one day with dumbbells the other with body weight.
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    Walnuts and peanuts have terrible omega 3:6 ratios. Stop eating them and try supplementing some fish oil. Also if you're eating any dairy at all, stop. I couldn't lose anything either until I gave it up completely. Start cooking with coconut oil and have a few mouthfuls of coconut milk.
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    Agree about the dairy and CO, above.

    But, you know, as I read over your symptoms -- fatigue, lowered sex drive, brain fog, mild depression, irritability, tired, achey, difficulty losing weight -- what stood out at me is this is classic of candidiasis, or Candida overgrowth.

    Since your cortisol test came back abnormal (as mine recently did), what is being done for your adrenals? Did they just leave you hanging? A coworker (male) started desiccated adrenal (through the naturopath we share) and immediately dropped 20 pounds and had a lot more energy, even though he did not bother to get off the dairy, as the doctor told him to.

    This candidiasis + adrenal fatigue often go hand-in-hand, it seems.
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