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Thread: What would you spend a little $$ on?

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    What would you spend a little $$ on?

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    I may have a little spending cash coming soon, and I don't want to squander it. I had thought of getting a hair cut and piercing my nose, but maybe i'd rather spend it on some fitness-related gear. Any ideas? We're talking about $100-200 ballpark.

    there's an indoor climbing gym (whatever you want to call it) which is only $5/hour, but gear is required, so maybe i should buy some gear?

    another idea is a pull-up bar (though i know that won't eat up the full amount). or maybe dance lessons.

    any other ideas? i'm looking for something fun that will increase strength. it's ideal if i don't have to spend a lot of time outside the house, as i have small kids and rarely have a babysitter.

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    My choices: haircut (I need one, too!), nose piercing and a pull-up bar! That way you can be stylin' while you are getting strong...

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    If I had $200 to spend, I would get a professionally made sandbag or a Nature's Platform or Krav Maga punch and kick shields.
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    hmm...that's an idea dragonfly. i HAVE been wanting to pierce my nose for over a decade now, but i keep putting it off.

    GC- googling that now. oh duh! krav maga!
    what do you do with the sandbag?
    lol nature's platform. i don't think that would fit in my bathroom.

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    If you really want the nose piercing, get it - I always wanted fire-engine red hair, but never had the nerve to do it. Now that I'm 40something it would just look stupid. So go for it while you're young, I say!
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    Some VFFs? Some play equipment " for the kids " that mom can hang from.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saoirse View Post
    what do you do with the sandbag?
    Sandbag's for weightlifting. They're good because the sand in them shifts and makes the bag uneven. Makes the lifts more challenging.

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    If it were me, I would get my hair cut, my nose pierced, and a kettlebell. (See comments in the 4-Hour Body thread.)
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    The kettlebell suggested above is a great idea, as well as the pull-up bar.

    For right at $100, if you look around, you can get a Power Tower, which has the pill-up bar, Roman chair, dip handles, etc.

    For under $20, I would suggest an ab roller wheel, sometimes dubbed "the wheel of pain". :-) These really help build core strength.

    Also...a good Yoga mat and a class maybe .

    I can't comment much either way on the nose piercing, and a hair cut for me is cheap, since I'm a guy. :-)

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    Just yesterday I bought a weight vest which has 40 1-lb weights which you can remove to adjust the weight. The vest was $120 at Sports Authority and $99 at Sheels. I also had a $25 gift card at Sheels, so I actually ended up only paying $82 for it after tax.

    I'd skip the nose ring, just a personal opinion.

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