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    Kava & You

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    Has anyone or does anyone drink Kava? If so, any recommendations on brands or websites you'd like to share?

    Or maybe experiences?

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    I've never heard of Kava before; what is it?
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    I've spent some time in the south pacific and done some real kava. Don't even bother with the powdered stuff. If it's not fresh it's not worth the trouble.

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    Paleobird is right

    Unless you're sharing frothy grey stuff in a mason jar with a stranger at a Maku'u Farmers Market... ...NOT worth it
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    i take liquid root extract, it is very effective. not good for bedtime though, unless you like crazy dreams as it is a very mild hallucinogen.

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    Can you guys that tried it tell a bit more. Ive heard that its good to use daily because the effect usually doesnt come the first times you do it, the alkaloids or something in the cava builds up in the blood, so after that happens you can also decrease the dose, opposite of other drugs when you always have to increase dose, is this correct?

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    +1 on the crazy dreams.

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    I bought from types Solomon Islands and Niugini. The shit is nasssssty tasting, but if you have an apple or some OJ to taste after you chug a shell, it leaves your mouth quickly. The effects are subtle, but nice. We are still trying to find the right balance of kava to water. Haven't tried adding soy lecithin crystals, they are supposed to help break down the fatty goodness in the Kava? Anyone tried that?

    Honestly we haven't had it in a few weeks, it is just kind of a mess and hassle and god the flavor is yucky. We have stopped smoking pot too, but we still have an alcoholic beverage in the evening. I'm sure we will finish the bags off someday, but I don't know if we will buy any more.

    go to for a ton of great reviews and info on the powdered stuff.

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    I've tried many kavas and my all-time favorite is off the market now (New Chapter used to make a very strong kava in a softgel) but I like Herb Pharm Pharma Kava.
    Good kava is very relaxing and it also numbs your mouth. I use it when I have to have a filling done at the dentist- not only to calm my nerves but to numb the spot that I know the'll stick the novocaine needle into. It works great for that

    If you want something that will relax you but keep your mind alert, theanine is great. It encourages alpha wave production in the brain with no side effects. 100-400 mgs/ is the dose.

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    I don't need my mind alert in why am I taking theanine to sleep?

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