What does this mean? I think is was 134/72 or something close to that. I've been eating clean primal/ paleo for the last 14 months with the occasional cheat. My meals are typically an omelette and tons of veggies for breakfast, lunch (if I'm hungry) I'll have a big ass salad or some leftover protein source from the night before, and dinner is usually more veggies and 10-16 ounces of beef/ chicken/ lamb. I supplement with vit d, occasionally fish oil, alc/ala, coq10, magnesium, and now foods super enzymes. I have fruit maybe once or twice a week and a small of dark chocolate and shredded coconut daily. I do usually have 16-24 ounces of coffee throughout the day and always before 5. Sleep is good for the most part. Exercise has been lacking since I'm still recovering from ankle surgery, but even before when I was exercising regularly my bp wad this way. Any thoughts?