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Thread: No Snacking = Big Change

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    So I started cutting carbs the week before Thanksgiving (great timing, eh?) and discovered primal the next week. I almost immediately lost a clothing size and about an inch or so off my waist. Since then, I haven't lost significantly (don't weigh) but my health and sense of well-being continued to improve. T he week before going primal I was following Byron Richards' five rules (the book is Mastering Leptin). I noticed that my cravings for chocolate, coffee, wine just disappeared when i started eating only 3 meals a day and absolutely no snacking. Well, after I started primal, I started snacking a little more (love those nuts that i've been so deprived of for years).

    This week, I decided to go back to the 5-6 hours between meals that Richards suggests (kind of a mini IF). I've done this for four days and, guess what? I've lost 1/2 inch off my waist this week. Yesterday, I even had a rare meal out and ate heartily because I was starving and the menu had grass fed beef and sweet potato fries. Still, I'm down 1/2 inch in four days.

    I have resisted IFing because I have adrenal issues.

    To those of you who think I ate less calories, I don't think that's really true. i was pretty hungry at each of my meals and even had a few pieces of chocolate right after eating a few times. I also had two substantial, but primal, restaurant meals in the last five days.
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    I've been wondering if the urge to snack isn't part of that tricky give-me-carby-foods part of our brains. I think I'm going give up all snacks-desserts for a few weeks and see if that will help speed things up a bit.
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    As part of a March/Lent Whole 30 I've cut out dairy and nuts, the two things I was grazing on when a bit hungry. I am experiencing another "lean out" like I did when first adopting primal. Not sure if it's a schedule thing or that dairy affects me more than I'd like to admit. The grazing has necessarily been replaced with a small third meal that I hadn't been having before so my assumption is that overall calories are about the same.
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