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    I am currently taking Natural Calm magnesium 2tsp before bed. I am not seeing great results for this bowel movement wise. I understand that natural calm is magnesium citrate and I head that this is the best type of magnesium to consume. Has anyone experimented with other sources of magnesium? Oxide? Chelate? How about pill form vs powder?

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    2tsp is only 350mg of Magnesium. In my experience, it takes around double that amount to create any kind of laxative effect.

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    I take a pill which is a combination of forms but primarily magnesium oxide which is considered to have the lowest uptake by the body. The pills are 400 mg each. This is in addition to dietary intake and a multivitamin intake of 100mg (oxide). 1 pill relaxes me and helps my sleep. 2 will generally soften my stool but doesn't create any "urgent" situations. 3 will encourage a bm the urgency depending on my liquid and fat intake. I generally take 1 pill a day, occasionally 2. I'm a big guy so your results may differ.
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    just be aware that if you're taking it on a regular basis for a laxative effect, you are going to flush out nutrients as well. if you want the laxative effect, you need to at least double your dose.

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    I take 600mg of Magnesium aspartate every day after dinner, can't say that it has any laxative effect but that's not what I'm going for anyway

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    I have been taking 250mg per day, and I think I notice some better sleep. Maybe I should double that?

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    Double it and see how you go.

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    i take 500 mag citrate a day. 300 in the morning, 200 at night. i have only noticed a slight laxative effect when i took 300mg on a fasted stomach.

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