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Thread: Playing Sports Barefoot and/or in Minimalist Footwear

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    I play golf barefoot.. is that a sport?

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    I've been doing all of my lifting in my VFFs and haven't looked back, it's even warm enough some days to wear my Treks to the gym, not just the KSOs in the gym
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    With high arches and a lifetime of heeled shoes, the minimalist idea is a non-starter for me.

    I play ping pong, so it's a lot of hopping and side to side. Nike Frees are okay but I had to put Doc Scholls gel inserts in them for extra support.

    Even at home I cannot go bare - very hard, textured ceramic tile. A couple hours barefoot on there would assure stiffness. I wear Fitflops indoors.

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    I play golf in my VFFs all the time. In fact, threw out my old golf shoes two seasons ago and never even brought any more. Not a biggie in our foursome, either. Two of them play in flip flops.

    Thinking I might go completely barefooted, sans VFFs, this year on the course.
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