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Thread: Coconut Oil Consumption

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    Coconut Oil Consumption

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    I keep reading the benefits of Coconut Oil and have been using it to cook for a while. How else can I consume it? I want to take 2-3 tbsp per day in some form but now sure how, or which way would be the most beneficial.

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    Every morning after my workout, I scoop out a couple of teaspoons from the jar and pop it in my mouth. Simple. :-)

    I also add it to my coffee occasionally.

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    I sometimes put it in my coffee.

    Or melt it together with a bar of dark chocolate to make a yummy sweet, coconutty treat.

    Or melt it with some coconut flakes for a coconut bar type snack.

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    I sometimes put them in my smoothies. Sometimes I just put it on a spoon and take it straight. I even love to use coconut oil as lotion
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    Do you get most of the benefits of cc oil from cc milk? For some reason I like the milk but do NOT like the oil. I dont like the smell of it when things cook in it blah.
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    @ runnergal - no, you do not get the same or as much benefits of coconut oil if using C milk. Shouldnt be too hard to google up that info; i'd do it for ya but i'm being lazy tonight...

    @ Stevoreo - I'm following a candida program and 5.5 Tbsp CO is recommended daily since it is such a good antifungal.

    I - just - can't - stand - taking - it - off - a - spoon!! I had to do that this weekend while away from home and no way to heat it and melt it and add to anything. Blech! And I've been using CO for over a year!

    Here is how I do get mine:

    meal 1: melt coconut oil and butter (I take 3.5 Tbsp CO, 1 Tbsp butter), heat water (1/4-1/2 c), pour hot water over 4 eggs (in shells) to heat up.
    Put eggs, melted CO/btr, hot water and whatever spices you like (i use salt, cinnamon & nutmeg) and blend (I use the Magic Bullet). Breakfast is served (while i do grow my own eggs now, I have been consuming raw eggs for years).....

    To get the rest of my CO in, i heat up my cup of bone broth twice/day and drop a Tbsp in.

    You want to make sure you're getting the best coconut oil possible, however. It needs to be virgin, unrefined, unbleached, undeodorized. And either cold-pressed or expeller-pressed...i don't remember which at this point. Find Bruce Fife's website and do some reading...

    Bottoms up!

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    I can't stand the Extra Virgin Coconut oil off the spoon, but the NON Extra-Virgin type is fine.

    Coconut milk does have the same benefits as coconut oil, but of course the oil is MUCH more concentrated.....therefore a small amount (about 2 teaspoons) of the oil works the same as a whole glass of Coconut milk.

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    Great info on this topic, @ it1958, great idea with the bone broth, i am trying to make that my new post workout drink so adding the CO is a great idea

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    @it1958 - Are you following Bee's program?

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    I love me some CO right off the spoon. Sweet, creamy, om nom nom nom!
    --Trish (Bork)

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