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Thread: psoriasis help!?!?!?!? Please page

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    psoriasis help!?!?!?!? Please

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    After dealing with psoriasis for over 10 years I was put on enbre,l as part of the process they did a few blood test to get me started on the medication. After the blood work came back they sent me to my primary Dr because I was borderline diabetic that is what got me here and buying the book and changing things. After going primal I have lost 30 plus pounds yay me!! However I had a BIG set back in January I got very very sick with a cold and inner and outer ear infections and such I stopped taking the Enbrel because it weakens the immune system and my psoriasis has been not effected at all by the medication. Now I am on the hunt for a Primal answer for psoriasis. Any help out there?

    Thanks in advance
    Grok on!

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    Going primal/paleo really has not impacted my psoriasis much at all, sorry. I have had it for 36 years. For scalp plaque I have found a great shampoo though. I use a brand called Joico. They have a shampoo called "treatment" shampoo. (it used to be called "bijoba") After about 3 weeks of using it I noticed a dramatic decrease in flakes and redness.

    granted, I have not yet tried the "autoimmune" protocols suggested by Robb Wolf for addressing AI issues (Psoriasis in an autoimmune disease). For that I would need to give up eggs and I love them too much. He also says you should drop all nightshades from your diet as well for AI issues. For now my psoriasis is in check and managable without any medication, just lots of lubriderm lotion.

    Good luck.

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    Vitamin D sufficiency is key. My chronic eczema (also an inflammation reaction) disappeared after supplementing with 8,000 IUs of D3 for 9 months. This was pre-Primal.

    While you address your D levels, eliminating eggs, nightshades, dairy--and sugar can help--but getting your D level high would be my first priority.

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    Dragonfly is RIGHT ON.

    You are severely deficient in Vitamin D3. I suggest you get started ASAP on 10,000 IU Vitamin D3 Geltabs daily and then get your blood tested in 3 months to verify your dosage amount. Adjust dosage as required to achieve an optimal blood level of 60 to 70 ng/ml.

    Details below in the Vitamin D Report,

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    I have pretty minimal psoriasis overall, just an occasional guttate- but do have some pretty annoying stuff on my scalp. Unfortunately, normalizing my vit d levels has not helped. I do follow a low lectin version of primal, which has been amazing for arthritis but no not really for the psoriasis. I have not given up nuts. I also eat a small amount of dairy and still very occasionally eat wheat, so I am not sure if I got rid of those if it would help. I look forward to hearing any tips people may have.

    I did recently read a post about someone on this forum who gave up dairy, eggs, nightshades, and nuts and had significant improvement in their psoriasis. I think it was in the nightshade thread.

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    I don't have psoriasis, but my sister does, and hers has not been responsive to any of the therapies. Like me, she also has Hashimoto's and when you have one auto-immune disease you are at risk for others. Because she has been through so many therapies to try to control it, I'm always interested, and one day I heard an alternative medicine (MD) who has a local call in show on the radio. He said that a LOT of his patients who do not respond to any conventional treatment have a food sensitivity. He said the most common one is dairy, but he has seen various foods involved. That made sense to me because those of us with Hashi's are notoriously sensitive to gluten--if not outright celiacs.

    I tried to get my sister to experiment with eliminating dairy, but she's really obtuse about food issues and won't consider it. In any case, if it were me, I'd try eliminating--one at a time--dairy, gluten, eggs, and so on to see if any of these foods is a trigger.

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    For me coconut oil helps when its in that maddening inflammed stage, but I have it on one ankle, so I don't know if your psoriasis is in an oil firendly location.

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    i would say both vit A and vit D.

    and by Vit A, i don't mean precursors like "beta carotene" -- some people do not convert it as effectively as other people, and so they need *real* vitamin A.

    one of the best things that my husband did for his was go on Cod Liver Oil (fermented). Now that he is getting sun, and we are sorting the candida situation (which leads to similar symptoms). from there we are sorting out the final bits. BUT D and A did most of the work.

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    My neighbor suffers from it (elbows, knees ect) and reckons the only thing that helps is getting your shirt off an getting out in the sunshine.
    Everybody's different, but it work's for him.

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    I just received this Cocoa Butter from Amazon in the mail! I'm using it for homemade cosmetics, but check out the testimonials - there's one from a woman who said it really helped out her psoriasis*!

    I hope you find something that will help you out!

    *I'm sorry, I forgot that it helped her eczema, not psoriasis . Still something like this (or, as Mog suggested) coconut oil could really help you!

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