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    Heart rate during LHT?

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    I'm a relative newbie to the LHT portion of PBF, and I'm wondering about target heart rate while doing LHT. My old girlie non-PBF version of LHT would have been to hover in the corner of the gym with 3-lb dumbbells doing little tiny bicep and tricep curls and wondering why I never really gained muscle strength.

    So now that I'm working on the basic LHT moves, I notice that when I'm really going for it, my heart rate is up there probably in the 75% range. If I don't take more than a very short rest between sets, then it's easy to keep my heart rate pumping for my entire LHT session, which is generally 20 - 30 minutes. Is that a good goal of LHT is to keep your heart rate going? I would assume it's fine, but that might just be my CW brain chiming in.

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    Don't worry about your heart rate for LHT. Just rest as required to be able to attempt the next movement. I know my heart starts pumping hard but have not had any problems. On the other hand, when I was taking 6g of fish oil a day doing pushups sometimes brought on a headache. One of the reasons I stopped the fish oil
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    sometimes it feels like my hearts gonna burst from my chest, but then i sit down and do a spot check on my HR and it's usually no more than 70%
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