I have a request: Please configure this forum to be able to use tapatalk.

Tapatalk is a powerful iphone, android, nokia, Blackberry and Windows 7 mobile application that allows you to easily and comprehensively post and navigate the forum using your smartphone or tablet pc, you can even access your PM's

Another forum I frequent uses it and it is absolutely brilliant.

There is a free forum plug-in that can be downloaded: vBulletin is supported.
*So basically the forum owner/administrator installs a free plug-in to the forum and we - the users get the app from our respective app stores/market and then we use the forum via the application on our phones.


*I sent a PM to the admins weeks ago, but I guess it got lost in the pile, so I want to see if there a ground swell of support from forum users with smartphones who would be interested in having a such a feature available to them.

Please post a reply if this is something that you would like to see.