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Thread: Diluting Canned Coconut Milk?

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    I use this recipe all the time and I don't think it tastes watery: Coconut Drink Recipe | Joyful Abode I don't always sweeten it, but if I do it's a small squirt of honey or agave. It's delicious though! Very refreshing!

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    I add Walnut oil, a tablespoon of honey and a pinch of salt. The honey and salt is so it will keep longer than 4 days in the fridge. The Walnut oil is for the added flavor.

    If you have to watch your salt intake and want to dilute it, try adding Cognac or Rhum to your coconut milk. It will help preserve it past 4 days in the fridge and will taste great in coffee.

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    For what it is worth, I contacted Native Forest about the 8g of sugar and it is just a typo. I buy them in bulk and flipped out when I saw the sugar. I searched online and saw people were complaining here. The next batch will be back to 1g on the label.
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    Hey guys, I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to confirm what the last poster said. I picked up Native Forest Coconut Milk today simply assuming it was 1g of sugar (since all of the other "statistics" are pretty much in line with Thai Kitchens), but when I brought it home it said 8 g of sugar. This didn't make any sense given that the only ingredients are coconut, water, and guar gum--where's the sugar coming from? It would be very comforting to know it was a typo . . . I wanted to give Native Forest a try due to their BPA free cans.

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