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Thread: Houston Eating

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    Houston Eating

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    I am moving to Houston from the UK in a few months' time. Does anyone know of the best places to buy quality (i.e. organic, grass fed) meat, fish, etc.?


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    My hometown!

    Thing is...what part of Houston? It's massive.

    Central Market has good stuff--you just have to ask what's grass-fed.

    For farmer's markets, the farmers market at downtown Discovery Green and the market at Eastside both have very good meat vendors.

    For exotic and high-quality meat, check out Pete's Fine Meats. A few of their exotics (varies by season) include bear, kangaroo, python, moose, and emu.

    If you want to eat out, Ruggles Green is lovely. I'm friends with the chef and he works very hard to ensure high-quality, local ingredients.

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    Thanks for all the suggestions. Unfortunately I won't know exactly where I am staying until I get there, but I think it will either be around Katy or the Memorial Park areas.

    While I'm here, does anyone know of a decent gym in these areas with lots of squat racks, barbells, etc?

    Thanks again.

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