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Thread: High protein diet and calcium

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    Having problems with bone density myself, due to celiac disease, I have been a little concerned about the relationship between a high protein diet and calcium excretion.

    As I understand it, the CW take on this is that if you eat more protein, you create a more acid state in your blood, which your body balanced by taking calcium from your bones. (Obviously not good if you're a bit thin in the skeletal department).


    This is an eye-opener:

    To summarize, the authors found that if you eat more meat, you do not cannibalize more calcium, IF:

    You eat less grains! Yee-hah to that, I say! Yep, it's the grains causing all the acidity. What's more, if you eat more veggies at the same time, you improve the picture still further.

    Which, for me, gives a great explanation how Grok maintained an impressive skeleton without 2 pints of milk a day plus a handful of calcium capsules. (It never made sense, I just couldn't work out why).

    And, as a osteo-challenged celiac, I'm excited about my next Bone Mass Density scan. Can't wait to tell the consultant how I did it

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    Yes! Calcium/acid balance, scurvy, kidney damage, and ..... blah blah blah are always thrown out as a caution to a higher meat-based diet. ALL are "vampire myths" (they won't die) that are out and out wrong. It is the grains, the sugars, the veggie oils, the anti nutrients in the Standard American Diet. NOT the meat!

    My dentist recently commented on my thickening jaw, thickening enamel and a cavity that healed right up. All this occurred during a primal, ultra low carb, zero grain,sugar,veggie oil intake, and more recently zero carb all meat eating.

    Go racingsnake! Grains get behind thee!

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    "Grains get behind thee!" LOL!!!

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