I thought it might be helpful for people to compare the results of recent blood work that I had done as part of a physical. I'm 26 years old 6'3, 170lbs, resting HR 48bpm, blood pressure is 104/70. The Dr. mentioned that everything looked good to him except my blood cell counts were lower than normal. I have never had any issues in previous tests regarding my blood count. This might be a sign of anemia, iron/b12/folate deficiencies. I was told to schedule another appointment for blood work in the coming month to make a comparison. Assuming all there isnít anything actually wrong with me, I feel like its possible my counts could be low cause I was coming off of a tough weekend for triathlon training. Did a 13 mile run on the Saturday, 65 mile bike on Sunday, had an early dinner which lead to a 12 hour fast prior to the test. I also splurged on a bit of bread during dinner/birthday cake for dessert as well. But here are my numbers. Feel free to share your thoughts with me:

Triglyceride 45
HDL Cholesterol 68
Total Chol/MDL Ratio 2.1
VLDL Cholesterol (Calc) 9
LDL Cholesterol (Calc) 65

LDL, Direct 75

Sodium 136
Potassium 3.9
Chloride 103
CO2 26
Glucose 94
BUN 25
Creatineine .97
Bilirubin, Total .7
Alkaline Phosphatase 47
Total Protein 6.7
Albumin 4.6
Calcium 9.6

WBC 3.9
RBC 3.91
Hemoglobin 12.7
Hematocrit 37.5
MCV 95.9
MCH 32.5
MCHC 33.9
RDW 13.2
Platelet Count 161
Granulocyte % 46
Absolute Gran 1.8
Lymph % 43
Absolute Lymph 1.7
Mono % 9
Absolute Mono .4
Eos % 1
Absolute Eos 0.1
Baso % 0
Absolute Baso 0