Hi Mark, I've read your book, bought the recipe book, and started today eating primal-ly. (Feedback - enjoyed the book, I've a scientific mind, which helps, and I completely believe and can identify with the insulin theories; you might consider an Anglicised version for those of us in the UK! Recipes look interesting, again UK-version would be great, considering (a) there's not a lot of bison meat around here; (b) many of the fruits, veggies and herbs have different names and (c) the only veggies in season here in Lincolnshire right now are carrots, brussel sprouts and swede! As for fruits, forget it!)
Anyhow.... I have a problem with some of your advice: I'm a female (formerly yo-yo dieter), aged 55, weigh 243 lbs, BMI 40+, Body fat %age 33%; very sedentary (currently). So, 163 lbs lean body mass. Using your macronutrient calculations, and the Harris Benedict Formula, this gives me 0.2 x 163 = only 33g of average daily protein intake. Eek! Is there something I'm missing?
- yeah I know - more exercise, which I will build up in time, but does this mean I need to get a massive percentage of my cals from fats? (132 cals from protein, max 400 (say) cals from carbs.....what about the rest?) Following the logic in your sample macronutrient calculations in the book, this is where I'm at.....and thats a whole lot of butter! I'm wondering whether there's different guidance for sedentary peoples? Any guidance greatly appreciated - please. Preferably nothing insulting from you fit types.