I wish I could give everyone here a gift - my wheat and gluten allergy.

Stay with me on this - I'll explain.

I have seen so many posts lately saying "How do I deal with temptation??" or "I'm binging on sweets!" and I think - well, if it weren't for the immediate and painful (and long-lasting - up to three days!) reaction I get when I eat wheat or gluten, I might be posting those as well. But it's amazing how big of a deterrent that level of pain, swelling, and stiffness really is. I don't ever, ever want to go there again.

So I don't even see sweets or grainy foods as food anymore. I just see them as "this is the stuff that makes me hurt like wow, and no thank you!" It's almost a visceral reaction. And it makes it really, really easy to not even consider eating those things.

This may color my responses to people who say "I just can't seem to stop eating cookies" or "I still have bread/pasta/cake". For me, it's just a no-brainer: wheat=AGONY, and why would I do that to myself?

I wish I could give everyone here who's struggling that same wheat and gluten allergy. I know it sounds odd, but it's one of the best anti-temptation tools I have in my arsenal.

But since I can't give you guys that tool, here's what might work almost as well: visualization.

Robert Schuller reported that he lost weight by visualizing unsterile, unsanitary conditions in the Twinkie and Little Debbie factories - people returning to work after not washing their hands in the bathroom, cockroaches and other icky bugs falling into the batter, stuff like that. And it caused him the same kind of visceral reaction I'm talking about when he saw those frankenfoods. And it worked. So that's my suggestion to the folks who don't have my luck to have a wheat allergy - imagine the grossest prep conditions you can possibly imagine in the factories that produce those frankenfoods. If you do it right, and often enough, you'll stop thinking of them as food.

Anyone else have a "best advice" for derailing temptations, for our newbies and those who are struggling?