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Thread: Primal Dream - Fufuhead's Journal

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    Primal Dream - Fufuhead's Journal

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    I can't remember quite how I stumbled upon the Primal Blueprint in early January, but I remember reading it and thinking it made a lot of sense. Since starting my primal journey, I've lost 10 lbs, a few inches, felt more satisfied with my meals, have had more energy, and managed to not catch any of the flu bugs going around the office. Oh, I can also do a couple real pushups now!!

    I was an obese child but before high school I managed to get to a healthy weight for my height ~ 145ish. Since then (I'm 28) I've fluctuated between 140 and 165, trying different diets, going on and off. Working out like a fiend and then spending a month on the couch. What appeals to me about primal is that while its a restrictive diet, it works for me and the activity is sustainable.

    Hopefully this journal helps me to stay the course so I can keep reaping all the benefits a primal lifestyle brings.

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    Alright, so yesterday wasn't so bad. I think I've hit somewhat of a plateau as far as weight loss (I think fat loss too) goes, so I decided to try a new IF approach. The past week or so I would eat my first meal around noon, then dinner around 8 and IF in the morning. I read Dr Eades' post on IF and I decided to give that method a try.
    From his website:
    On the day we started, we ate until 6 PM, then fasted until 6 PM the next day. On the next day we ate supper right after 6 PM and ate breakfast and lunch (and a few snacks) the next day until 6 PM when we started fasting again.
    B: IF
    L: IF
    D: 2 Coconut oil blueberry balls, pulled pork w/ SoK bbq sauce, green beans with butter, some guacamole

    B: 3 eggs scrambled in butter with green peppers and onions, guacamole
    L: chicken fajita salad with some sour cream, a few tortilla chips (dang!)
    S: 3 coconut oil blueberry balls
    D: IF
    Walked to work - 1/2 hour (it was 0 F in the morning!!)

    Starting the IF yesterday, I was afraid I would be so hungry and low energy while fasting, but it wasn't bad at all. Its so hard getting over the CW fears of not eating frequently enough (my body will go into starvation mode), eating fat (I will get so fat!!), and the idea of excluding carbs for health reasons. Tomorrow I'm planning to IF through breakfast and lunch, I think it won't be bad. Then I'm going to eat dinner and go climbing a bit later.
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    Didn't end up walking home from work yesterday since it was so freakin' cold out! February is the month I get winter fatigue -- I am just ready for some warmer weather!! It should be 40 F this weekend, I CAN'T WAIT! I swear I will go outside naked and praise the weather gods if it gets above 40. I miss cycling, jogging, and just spending more time outside...sigh.

    Did not IF today, it is that wonderful ladies' time so I needed some fuel for my day, gotta do what the body tells ya.
    B: Quiche with bacon, cheese, spinach -- 1.5 pieces with crust removed
    L: 1/2 buffalo chicken salad: lettuce, olives, cheese, hardboiled egg, tomato, no dressing
    S: 1/2 apple, small handful almonds (12?)
    D: short ribs with carrots, zucchini, green beans cooked in crockpot

    W.O. - LHT from Primal Blueprint fitness. First time I did the workout, ow. Bodyweight exercises are totally different than just lifting free weights, I can totally tell that I am using more of my body for each move. I feel buff!

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    143.5 today, started Jan 2nd or 3rd at 154. Woohoo! I measured inches about a week or so ago and:
    Waist -1.5"
    Hips -1"
    Each thigh - 1"
    So, progress on all fat loss fronts!

    Intake today:
    B: Coconut milk, kale, 3/4 banana, small handful blueberries, and a dash of goat whey (the last of it!)
    S: Part of leftover salad, 3 almonds
    L: Remainder of leftover salad, half a tin of sardines, carrot
    S: 4 cheese cubes, 4 pineapple cubes
    D: planned -- sashimi and seaweed salad

    Walking to work ~ 20 min
    I might try to play some just dance 2 later on tonight. I am seeing a movie with my friend and may get back kind of late, then I will count today as a rest day.

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    145 today -- I promise I will not weigh myself every day, just had to check on the damage from last night.
    I was so hungry when I got home and had no wits about me so I decided to have a couple bites of the homemade chocolate ice cream my husband made. Only redeeming factor is that is was made using cream and milk from local grass fed cows!

    For dinner I ended up eating (too much of) a salmon bento box with fried rice. Why the rice? I could've asked for it without. But I made a decision to ask for it and to eat it, so thats all on me. Bright side -- it was rice and not wheat. There will always be setbacks but I will keep striving to improve the health of my diet and the strength of my willpower to make decisions in line with my goals.

    B: coffee with coconut milk
    L: leftover short ribs, green beans
    D: leftover pulled pork w/SoG bbq sauce, salad w/ apples, goat cheese, pecans, dried cherries, vinagrette. 2 glasses wine
    S: 1 coconut blueberry ball, 1/2 apple with almond butter

    WO - 1/2 hour walk to work. planned -- jump rope and maybe some plyo over lunch in the conference room at work. Why not?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fufuhead View Post
    145 today -- I promise I will not weigh myself every day
    I used to be a daily weigher...since then, I've ditched the scale. Not completely, but I limit my weigh-ins to the first of every month. I'm much more relaxed now that I don't have to worry about mini-anxiety attacks if I "gained" .4lbs overnight Hide your scale somewhere where it's a pain-in-the-ass to get down all the time. And check out this thread for some REAL inspiration Looks like you're on the right path! Good luck to you
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    Mandolin -- thanks for the encouragement! I really need to be stricter about how often I weigh myself, I like the idea of hiding the scale somewhere difficult to get at. That will be something to try. I read that exact thread the other day and I found it very inspiring, lots of good support and inspiration around here!

    Oh, I also ended up doing 2 sets of 4 min tabata intervals with the jump rope at work. It gave me a pretty good energy boost and got a few people interested in trying it. I even managed to do a few "trick" jumps! How fun, maybe this goes in the "play" category...

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    B: 2 coconut flour blueberry muffins
    L: Stew with chicken sausage, sweet peppers, kale. coconut blueberry ball
    D: went out -- 3 crabcakes with asian slaw. 1 glass of wine
    2~3ish more glasses of wine, peanuts at the bar
    When I came home I had some drunksnacks: 2 squares 85%, another muffin.

    While I know binge drinking isn't a good thing, I think that I have improved my habits a bit. I didn't drink as much as other weekends and there were no late night fast food stops or orders. I think a coconut flour muffin and 2 squares of chocolate are a LOT better than a cheeseburger and frenchfries or something else.

    w.o. 2/12
    I tried a workout from, those workouts are killer! It was a 300 rep workout. From the website:
    * 1) Side Lunge Knee Tuck (left leg)30 reps
    * 2) Side Lunge Knee Tuck (right leg)30 reps
    * 3) Plank Jump Push Up & Roll Over30 reps
    * 4) Side Crunch 15 reps on each side
    * 5) Sandbag Swing 15 reps on each arm
    * 6) Pull Ups 30 reps
    * 7) 1-2-3 Up One Leg Half Squat15 reps on each leg
    * 8) Hanging Knee Raises30 reps
    * 9) 3 low jacks & Jump Up30 reps
    * 10) Triple Knee Tuck & Side Step Push Up30 reps --- I was losing energy here, instead did 30 knee pushups.
    Time: 25 min 32 sec

    B: 1 coconut flour blueberry muffin, coffee with coconut milk, 2 egg omelette with bacon, jalapenos, cheddar, green onions, feta

    I'll probably have a late lunch/dinner because of the big breakfast. I needed something to help nurse my mild hangover, and I think I kept pretty well within the primal guidelines except quite a bit of cheese. I've found taking B vitamins before going to bed helps prevent a terrible hangover.

    As far as workout goes, I might try another workout thats pretty much just a bunch of jump squats and jump rope, or go for a long walk. Its thawing here and hopefully will top out over 40 degrees!!!!! Finally.

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    I must try your B Vitamin before bed hangover trick. Today must be National Hangover Day

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    2/13 - can't remember what I ate...
    L: leftover chicken sausage gumbo stew, 4 chicken strips w/blue cheese sauce, 1 cheesy breadstick
    D: 1 beer, 2 squares chocolate?
    Movement: 1 hour walk, enjoying the warm weather

    B: coffee with coconut milk
    L: leftover chicken sausage gumbo stew
    D: 4-5 homemade raviolis, tomato sauce, broiled asparagus, 1 individual flourless chocolate cake, a couple bites of chocolate while making aforementioned cakes
    2-3? glasses wine
    Bike to/from work: 28 min biking

    B: coffee with coconut milk, handful almonds
    L: 2 eggs, 2 strips bacon, baby greens salad w/vinagrette
    D: 1/2 small pizza, couple chocolates, few potato chips ~ still feeling crappy. Is this comfort eating?
    Movement: bike to/from work 28ish min

    I feel lousy today. Usually I don't drink so many days in a row and its catching up with me. Also, I've been eating more junk lately and I think its due to my drinking habits. I need to be better to myself and my body, I am definitely not being kind to it or myself for the past few days!! I am not avoiding poisonous things. =(
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