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Thread: Gaining weight, not hungry, depressed...yet Primal

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    Gaining weight, not hungry, depressed...yet Primal

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    So I've been eating Primal for about a week and a half now. I've cut out all grains (and I used to eat about a pound of rice and a loaf of bread a day), most fruits, even though I absolutely love them, and watch my intake of vegetables, opting for the low carb/low starch ones, even though I could survive on a diet of broiled butternut squash alone. Here's the problem...I haven't lost a pound. In fact, I'm gaining weight. If I wasn't losing I wold be willing to give it more time, it has only been less than 2 weeks, but gaining? What am I doing wrong? I do consume dairy, such as sprinkling some sheep's milk feta in my omelette or over my salad, and cream in my coffee. The only treats I allow myself are a small piece of dark chocolate most days, and a small glass of red wine two or three days a week. I'm 5'4" and 165 lbs. I am also rarely hungry. Usually I wake up stuffed and have to force myself to eat when dinnertime comes around. Maybe I'm not eating enough? Too many carbs? This is my FitDay from yesterday which has the max amount of food I eat in a day, because i was Sunday and my family does the whole big long breakfast thing.

    But most weekdays it's half of that. I'm really getting discouraged. Help?

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    Not to sound snarky, but what did you expect to happen? You've been doing this for a week. Your body has been abused for years. It's going to take a bit of time for it to heal and get adjusted to this new lifestyle (not a diet). If you aren't hungry, don't eat. If you want to lose weight, don't drink alcohol. For the tone of your post, it sounds like you need to adjust your thinking about why you are going primal in the first place.

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    Put your bathroom scale somewhere you can't access it for the next month. This amount of stress after only 1 week is not going to help at all.

    If, after a month, you see no progress (including clothes fitting better, regardless of scale numbers) then do a month with no fruit, no alcohol and no chocolate. Keep experimenting until you find the thing that makes all the difference. You won't necessarily need to keep the ultra-strict for life...I've been able to ease up a bit on those things now. But I think sometimes you need something drastic to kick you off a plateau.

    Good luck!!
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    I know you said that fitday sample is "more" than usual, but IMO it's a lot of calories. I know that around here calorie cutting isn't exactly the biggest fad, but just based on that, I would really experiment with cutting back a little bit. It looks like all of your choices are fine, but try 2 oz of pumpkin seeds instead of 3, that sort of thing. To some extent, I think there is a little truth in calories in-calories out. I also see a bunch of different kinds of nuts... which is yummy, and wonderful, but I'm thinking it might be a lot of nuts (also, are they dry roasted or plain? Salted? Pay attention to those labels *grin*)

    That said, it's been a week and a half. Stop stressing High expectations and stress over losing weight might be the very thing keeping it on you. Relax. Also not sure how active you are?

    (and because I love chocolate, especially dark chocolate, I'd also recommend ditching the Special Dark bar. Yes, it's darker than milk chocolate, but I'd recommend a better quality, very dark chocolate - 72-85% cacao, generally less sugar and additives than a special dark bar. Also more satisfying in smaller amounts.)

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    It's ok! Stay Positive!

    I also think you may be consuming too many calories for your body. It might be helpful to calculate your BMR and that will give you an idea of how many calories to consume in a day. There are many sites out there to help you figure that info out.

    Maybe try more fruits, veg instead of nuts as they will help to give you great energy to pull you out of a 'slump' or 'depressed' mood and are lower in calories.

    Also, give it some time because your body is still adjusting! Don't forget to relax, sleep and eat according to what your body is telling you as often as you can.

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    If you're truly eating half of that most weekdays, than I wouldn't worry about that many calories as others have said-one or two higher days is good if you're not eating much the other days. I do agree that you need to give it more time, and lose the scale for awhile. Do you feel better? You said you're depressed but is that due to the weight gain? (Another reason to lose the scale) Do you have more energy, are you sleeping better? These are all better measures of how this is working for you than the number on the scale. Take your measurements and then in a few weeks take them again-inches lost are much more important than weight lost. As for the diet my main suggestion would be to cut back on the nuts some and see if that helps.
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    That's a 1000 more calories then I normally eat and I weigh more then you and work out 4x week. So I'm guessing your fix is easy. Just eat less calories. Stop the nuts, chocolate and wine. Those things are fine for maintenance but if you really want to lose the weight, you have to make some sacrifices.
    I would recommend you start your day with 4 eggs, not just 2. Or add some bacon or other source of protein to start with. And get your proteins mostly from meat, not nuts and seeds. Nuts and seeds are easy to overeat. If you replace that with meats, it'll be really hard to overeat your calories.
    At the end of the, you have to have a calorie deficit to lose weight.

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    There's been a ton of threads lately saying 'I've been doing this for (at most) four weeks and I'm not at my target weight yet!' You need to alter your thinking. Primal is a lifestyle. Hence you do it for life.

    If you want to drop a shit-ton of weight in one week, just lock yourself in a box with enough bottles of water for seven days. If you want to lose weight over time in a healthy way and keep it off as well, stick with primal eating and don't stress so much.

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    Hi Marielle, Something like 874 calories on your fitday log comes from nuts & seeds... that's quite a lot of snacking, especially if you are not really hungry. I'd do what a lot of people here suggest, cut back on the nuts and gauge your progress on other factors like energy levels and how your clothes fit.

    A question though... why are you forcing yourself to eat dinner? Do you mean that some days you skip breakfast & lunch, then eat dinner? Or do you mean that you eat all 3 meals, and are totally stuffed by dinner? I wonder if you are trying to eat as much as you did before PB - just replacing carbs with fat & protein. Fat & protein is so wonderfully filling that you may need to try smaller portions, or longer waits between meals, or occasionally skip a meal if you are truly not hungry. (this is what I had to do... as my fullness-meter was totally whacked, so I was stuffing myself because of habit... once I got it under control, I started slowly losing weight).

    ETA: +1 on the "don't stress" comments... this is a lifestyle change, not a quick fix. Things will even out and go the right way if you just listen to your body. And chill.
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    When I started the WOE I gained weight in the first 2-3weeks as my body adjusted its use of fat cals vs carb cals. After I adjusted I began to loose weight -

    Also I do agree w/others you *Might* be consuming more cals that you need to... I'm 5'3 ~175lbs, and I'm nursing a 10mth old and on my high cal days I'm consuming ~ 2300Cals... I'm also moderately active...

    You've got some good advice here... remember this is a woe that becomes a wol - in the 3 months I've transitioned to this WOL - I've gone from a size 14 down to a size 10 (still a bit snug - but I can pull size 12's on w/o unbuttoning them) The scale has moved some, but its my measurements that have really changed. Ditch the scale, take your measurements, and measure again in 1 month. as you LHT, move slowly, and eat primally - your body will make composition changes (decrease of belly fat, and increase of muscle mass) and since muscle weighs more than fat - as you get stronger you can see an increase in weight, and decrease in clothes sizes.... give it time... at least a month...

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