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Thread: Coconut Oil @ Dekalb Farmer's Market near Atlanta

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fury22 View Post
    Just a note to any Primal People in or close to Atlanta:

    I went to the Dekalb Farmer's Market in Decatur. Right now they have Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Tall tubs for $5.99 and Large tubs for $10.99.

    The tall tubs are like double the size usually sold in store and the Large tubs were twice that size. I cooked with it tonight. Great stuff, definitely better than anything I've purchased in a grocery store. I'm picking up some more on the way home next week.
    Was it a special price or did it look like a stock item?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adrianag View Post
    Was it a special price or did it look like a stock item?
    When I got mine I think it was just the regular price. If by stock item you mean that it was in the YDFM "World Direct" packaging, then yes, it looks like a stock item.

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