I am new to primal but I KNOW it makes perfect sense for me. I got on board about new year and had a weekend blowout on sugar/grains in Jan. Then I refocused and have come 20 days in till last night when I opened the door to the sugar monster, hello chocolate! Now crisps and milk chocolate. Gawd I feel mentally drained. The pattern is get going then about 20 days in have some freaking nutritional meltdown fortunetly not involving gluten this time.

I am frustrated! I am disappointed I may have undone all my good, getting out of carb burn to fat burn work. I love primal and it suit how I want to live but poor sleep and work stress have pushed the nutritional meltdown button. How predictable!

Any advice about how to get back on track? Recovery strategies? I think I am going to see a councillor for this binge eating disorder? I can't keep repeating this pattern!

You know, I realise I don't even friggin like dark chocolate that much!