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Thread: Sugar binge! So frustrated and down :(

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    6 months after I started eating primal I still found myself sugar/carb binging occasionally and couldn't figure out where the urges was coming from. My carbs were below 100g and my fat was about 50%. I decided to start listening to what people on this site were saying and cut out all my trigger foods ie fruit, almond butter, sweet potato, and chocolate and upped my fat to 65%. Low and behold I went through another carb flu and then bam, the urges were gone. Not a one. Even around my period things are far mellower. Everytime I get a craving for carbs or sugar I eat some fat (coconut is my liquid gold.) I feel amazing and the pounds started coming off again too. IFing is a breeze now too. Very very happy. Was SO frustrated with the binging. Thought it was a psych problem! Hormones baby hormones:-) Hang in there!!

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    sugar eating / binging means you are lacking fat/ protein and need to up it more .Than if you do give in to your little inner devil on occassion , enjoy and don't feel guilty about it

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    Quote Originally Posted by krassi View Post
    I find that reading a bit every day about the paleo diet keeps my motivation going, and participating in forum discussions.

    But don't think that a binge is the end of the world, what matters most is getting back on the diet afterwards.

    I used to think I had binge eating disorder myself, I'd get these uncontrollable cravings which would end with me going to the store and buying ice cream, donuts, etc etc and just stuff myself until I got sick. I once calculated my calorie intake in a binge and it was above 5000 calories. And that was in an hour long feeding window.

    Then it just went away on it's own after a few weeks, I never binge anymore.

    Fantastic, everything you said.
    Bookmarked your blog, one of the best of the type I've ever seen! Thank you so much.

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    Eating a restricted unsustainable diet will always lead to binge eating. Its not a disorder, its your body telling you something.

    You can eat primally and still enjoy food.

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    For me the important part is to not focus on the "failure" but on the restart. If I have a bad day today tomorrow is another chance, a new start. In the long run 1 day will not undo all your work, unless of course it perpetually occurs. It helps me to have "safe food" when I feel like I just want to eat- for me that would be meat, leafy veggies or carrots. I don't keep certain foods in the house either.
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