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Thread: Need suggestions for Primalish Desserts

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    Take a date and split it down the middle, fill with Goat cheese then wrap with bacon and broil.

    If you don't do dairy leave out the cheese and brush with honey after you broil.

    Like little bacon wrapped bits of heaven!

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    Cubical, that sounds decadent!! I love the idea of stuffing dates w/ goat-cheese. Of course, bacon makes it even better!

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    I've always been the go-to cookie baking gal but this year going gluten free and trying out primal I didn't feel like spending days making cookies.

    Instead, I have made maple peans and put them in small jam jars as gifts.

    I am expected to make a cake for Christmas and it's going to be a wheat based cake to make others happy so I won't be partaking but I feel a bit like a hypocrite.

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    Cubical that's the exact recipe I use and it's always a hit at Christmas parties.

    Here's a middle eastern sort-of-dessert: Slit dates down the middle and put in there a hazelnut or two. The drizzle some sesame paste (Tahini) on top. (Warning, this is a love it or hate it thing and I LOVE it )

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    @ Maba, Bacon makes everything better :-)

    @ Kay, I went to a Crossfit Oahu party while on vacation and they had a Paleo dessert contest. That dish was the only one I rememeber. I'm not even sure if anyone else got to eat one.

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