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Thread: Offal disaster - could it have been saved?

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    First off, the "stew" is already in the bin so this is more theoretical / letting off frustration!

    I had beef bones in the crockpot overnight and came up with a beutiful stock, which I put in a stew of beef shin, and venison liver & kidney (neither of which I've tried before), plus some fried onion and mushrooms.

    For obvious reasons I cut and rinsed the kidney - but obviously not well enough as a few hours later my house stank of pee!! Eww! Combined with the frothy scum that had formed in the went in the bin.

    Was it just a case of not washing the kidney enough? Is there a technique to it? I'm annoyed at the waste, but luckily I use the nice cheap cuts so it was "only" about 10-worth of ingredients altogether.

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    I've noticed that with kidneys. I've never cooked kidneys myself but growing up, my mum would make it and drowned it with ginger and garlic and spices to mask the smell. When you are washing the kidneys next time, make sure you salt it, and add a little bit of oil and turmeric (if you have it on hand) and let it sit for a few minutes and rinse it off under running water. This is what I do with smelly fish.

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    I have always read that eating kidneys and liver is bad cuz that is where the animal rids themselves of the toxins...thus the toxins are very built up in the liver and kidneys? just my feelings so I won't eat em...xxo Darlene

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    the secret to kidneys is rinsing them in cold water, and then soaking them in cold salt water for a few hours - that should do the trick

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    The liver of healthy wild/natural/pasture fed beef, wild game, fowl etc is a fantastic source important nutrients. The liver of prey in hunter/gatherer groups is highly valued! Not a toxic waste dump! That's just in animals that smoke a pack a day, dose with pain killers, take in 200g of fructose a day, drink caffeine as if it going out of style, etc. or are fed an unnatural diet.

    Healthy animals have healthy livers and it a fantastic food for us! Heart, tongue, marrow, kidney.... the list goes on and it is all worth pursuing a healthy source of it and eating day to day!

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