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Thread: fructose in coconut?

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    fructose in coconut?

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    Does anyone have a clue on the amount of fructose on coconuts products (milk, butter, etc)?
    I used to respond badly to coconut, but it turn out that I was only reacting to the brand of oil I was taking (garden of eden btw).
    As a coconut addict I can finally indulge on coconut products although Im doing them from scratch (milk & butter) cause 1) you save all those stupid additives, 2) save lots of $.

    My only concern is the amount of fructose on coconuts, is this something to worry about??

    ps: Homemade coconut - cinnamon butter is just heroin to me, cant stop eating it! (luckily I need those calories)

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    There's very little sugar of any sort in pure coconut products. Just make sure you don't buy something with added sugar, and don't worry about it.

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