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Thread: Vitamins and Supplements

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    Vitamins and Supplements

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    How many of you take vitamins and supplements?

    I am taking so many vitamins and supplements that it is costing a small fortune. They are all recommended by my doctor, but she did not test any of my vitamin levels except D. I can't say that I notice any real difference taking all this stuff. I should mention that I have hashimoto's thyroiditis, low hormone levels, and low adrenals. I am on thyroid meds and bio-identical hormones going on 3 months.

    So what I am wondering is if it is worth it to take all these?

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    Want to list what you are taking?

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    For my prescriptions I take:
    Armour 60mg
    Bio-Progest. Cream
    Bio-Estrogen Cream

    Vitamins and Supplements:
    Chinese Herb: Free and Easy Wanderer (This one is a definite keeper. I've tried removing it a few times and notice a big difference)
    Multi-Vit. by Thorne
    Selenium 200mcg. by Thorne
    Vit C 2000mg per day- One in am, one in pm. by Thorne
    D3 5000IU
    DHEA 25mg
    B Complex focusing on B5 by Thorne
    Adrenal Support herbs
    Cortine by Thorne
    Magnesium 260mg by Thorne
    Tryptophan 500mg by Thorne

    I just started the Cortine and Tryptophan 3 days ago per Dr. recommendation. My Dr. recommends Thorne brand as being one of the top 3 vitamins and claims the rest are not worth the money. ??? I am ordering on-line to save some money.

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    Betty, you can save a lot by shopping on (they carry Thorne). Here's a referral code that will save you $5 off your first order: HAZ439

    I use Planetary Formulas Bupleurum Calmative Compound, which is Free and Easy Wanderer:

    Nutricology/Allergy Research Group is another practitioner's line that is a good Thorne substitute (less expensive a lot of the time). There are lots of good brands out there. I have nearly a decade of experience working in the supplement retail industry and so many brands claim that they're "the best".

    Jarrow also makes excellent quality supplements. I like their selenium- it's the best form out there (I use it for my Hashimoto's):

    As far as D goes, this one really is the best (and very economical compared to Thorne- it has 750 servings of 2000 IU's/drop.) Emulsification makes a huge difference in the ability to absorb the D, esp. for Hashi's patients who often have D receptor issues,

    Are you on any immune balancing formulas for your Hashimoto's? It doesn't look like you are. This is important because as long as the underlying immune imbalance isn't being addressed, the immune system is likely to attack other tissues in the future, esp. the brain tissue.
    I've noticed such a difference since I started Dr. Kharrazian's immune balancing protocol a few mos. ago:

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    Thanks Jane-
    I will check out the links. I do have the book, but I find it overwhelming. My Dr. was unfamiliar with the book also. I basically felt like she wants to push her stuff (HGC and Candida supplements) rather than listen to what I was trying to tell her or ask her.
    What would be an immune balancing formula. I am taking a Stress Formula that contains some the herbs Dr. K recommends?

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    I just checked out the prices on Thorne again and I can get them cheaper on I might try the VitD you recommended when I run out. The D3 actually isn't Thorne, but a brand Cillacat recommended.

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    I wish I could recall the name of the specific company, but their are labs that do blood work and DNA testing to tell you exactly what you should be taking, how much and what to take to fix problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeKey View Post
    I wish I could recall the name of the specific company, but their are labs that do blood work and DNA testing to tell you exactly what you should be taking, how much and what to take to fix problems.

    They do testing. Their D3 drops and K2 products are very outstanding.
    Richard Nikoley turned me onto them.

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    HazyJane: I am hopeful that this emulsified brand of vitamin D might be something I can take! I do have vitamin D receptor gene issues, and I felt awful when I was taking Carlson's; felt like a whole new woman within 48 hours of stopping it. My naturopath and I have been trying to find a workaround. Maybe this is it.
    "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates

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    It seems you are on all those supps for specific reasons. Ask how long you need to be on them for as some may be required say for 6 months until levels normalized.

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