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Thread: leangains and paleo recomposition

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    leangains and paleo recomposition

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    so i am trying to add a little muscle without adding any fat. i am about 13% bf, and not looking to add any more fat. So I am going to try for a recomposition on leangains with paleo principles.

    I will be lifting 4 days a week, resting 3. On lifting days I was intending to eat about 3400 calories. On resting days 2300. On rest days, it will be imperative that I adhere to strict Paleo/Primal foods, and I firmly intend too.

    However, on lifting days, it will be very hard to get 3400 from veggies and meat, especially in the college cafeteria. So i need to compromise a little. I will be drinking some whole fat milk, no question about that. I do NOT want to eat any grains. No bagels, breads, french toast, etc. So even on the lifting days I will be trying to do paleo as best I can. But to get some of the extra calories required, i might need to do some of the following...

    -eat ice cream
    -eat peanut butter
    -eat lots of nuts (almonds, pine nuts, sunflower seeds, walnuts)

    Anybody want to comment on this, advise me? Is the ice cream a huge no no? What about the peanut butter? Or the large quantities of nuts?

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    Why do you feel the need to eat to eat ice cream and peanutbutter to get to 3400 cals? Also make sure on lifting days that you go more carb heavy than non-lifting days.

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    I don't know much about the lean gains approach but eating some white rice on lifting days is reasonable. I would just worry about getting too much omega 6s and anti-nutrients with all those nuts and peanut butter.
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