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Thread: Carb Refeed Question

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    Carb Refeed Question

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    I am a month and one week into eating Primally. I was wondering if any of you do 'carb refeeds' as Mark describes on The Daily Apple? If so, how often, how many meals, and what do you eat for it? I have had about two sweet potatoes within the last 5 weeks of eating Primally. Does the occasional sweet potato count towards a carb refeed since it just makes that days carb count higher? I had the sweet potatoes when my energy was really low. Also, and most importantly, should fat intake be lower on a day when your carbs are a little higher (above 50g or more) Thanks for any advice!
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    I wouldn't until you hit a plateau over a month long. Other than that, Mark's article is great.

    I've flirted with paleo before, and one of my issues was taking a free day every week. I think it's more effective, at least for a few months, just going straight low carb.

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    Thanks cavemanj!

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