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Thread: Failed digestion timing test?

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    Failed digestion timing test?

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    Bloody. Fucking. Bollocks. This tests mouth to ass transit time, while most absorption takes place in the small intestine. Colon transit time can vary greatly depending on many things. Plus she's talking about food combining? It's true that proteins require acidic enzymes to digest and carbohydrates need amylase which is destroyed by acid, but that's why protein digestion happens in the stomach and starch in the small intestine after the acids have been neutralized.

    Here's some data: transit time in the small intestine is greatest at about 5 hours. Stomach will depend on the size of the meal, and large intestine will depend on many factors, more than I know.

    Here's a test: do you have undigested food in your stool? Food, not fiber. If not, you're probably fine.

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