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    Just airing my frustration with myself. I managed 14 days out of my first whole30 attempt. Then, after 2 days of sudden onset sugar monster - I'm talking "full on, in your face, all you can think about, obsessive thought sugar cravings" - I caved. I ate some 85% chocolate.

    I now feel awful - and I don't just mean mentally (sense of failure, voice in my head shouting the usual "fat failure/lack of willpower/inability to stick with something" stuff). I also have what i will poliltely call "digestive distress". The 85% - well, I won't be craving THAT again.

    Scrabbling for something positive:-
    I didn't do what i was momentarily tempted to do when the 85% failed to deliver the "hit" I had expected. I didn't pop out to the shops and stock up on chocolate, cakes, biscuits, cereal and come back and scoff the lot. I didn't make myself sick to "purge" either. Those are victories.

    I have learned something - even if its slightly upsetting (chocolate doesn't "deliver" any more. Does make me a bit bereft somehow).

    I am going to "get straight back on the horse" - when I do eat again, it will be real, primal food. (pleas God the sugar monster will go back to sleep and leave me the hell alone).

    Oh dear, I am so upset with myself.

    Just sharing peeps

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unamused Mouse View Post
    Just forget about it and move on...
    succinct and to the point.

    Yeah. Move on.

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    BTDT. I think it is a pretty huge victory if your cheats are now manageable and controllable. I get that you made a commitment to yourself to do the whole 30. But you are human. And the sugar monster is a massive issue for me as well. What I like about when I treat myself to 85-99% chocolate. The fat to sugar ratio is good enough to keep me from craving a bunch more sugar. As opposed to eating say, a pile of grapes or a larabar which if I eat.. woah god look out I get SO hungry.

    Good for you for being accountable and getting back to it.

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    How much chocolate did you have? I seriously doubt that 85% chocolate had enough carbs in it to push you into serious carb flu. Is it possible it is all mental? Stress does crazy things to our bodies. Either way get back on that horse and ride. Reset the 30 day timer and do it right this time. YOU CAN DO EET!

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    Learn, and move on. If you fall down 10 times, then get back up 11 times. You're not a failure, or else all of us are.

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    I’m also in the “move-on” column. The only thing real is what is happening at this moment. Past is gone, future hasn’t happened. “Now” is the only time you can actually do anything. Watching re-runs in your mind is a waste of time. Instead of thinking about what was done, or what you may or may not do, just do something positive this very moment.

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    A lot of the women on this board have found that right before menstruation the "sugar monster" is very hard to ignore. Just something to think about. Also, even if you scarfed and entire bar of 85% as a pp said, that shouldn't push you into carb flu. Love yourself.

    The only part of the whole30 I dislike is "The only way this will work is if you give it the full thirty days, no cheats, slips or special occasions"

    This in my mind causes such a do or die mentality, with a HUGE amount of guilt involved. I'm done with guilt over food. Sometimes I feel remorse, but I refuse to feel guilty over the food I eat any more. It's so damaging. Much more unhealthy than 85% chocolate. <3
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    Whole30 can be tough. I failed, and big time. Consider:

    What did you learn? How will that help you continue?

    If you learned something from however many days you were Whole30, awesome. Apply that to how you move forward. You're way ahead than when you were pre-Whole30.

    I know that's not the attitude that Whole9 people would espouse, but fuck them. You're ahead of the game by virtue of even trying Whole30. Don't consider it a failure (though recognize it was). Focus on the positive lessons learned, ignore the negative (because they'll only make you feel guilt and give you excuses to indulge in other fail-some shit) and bring those lessons forward into how you continue adjusting your lifestyle. We're always adjusting and tweaking, I think, so just carry on carrying on.

    (edit: cross-posted with lil_earthmother, who hits the nail on the head and without profanity! I'm not sure if that's a negative or a positive, though. )
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    thanks, that helped me a lot!

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