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    I got some calf liver this time at the grocery store and am looking forward to trying this recipe:

    It sounds like it's going to be delicious!

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    Thanks for sharing. Nice blog too. I like the Ronald McDonald touch. I'm in Houston. I moved here about six months ago, and I am anxious to make more Primal friends. If you're ever in the area...

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    I like pork hearts quite a lot. Spice em, (stuff herbs in them), brown them in a pot, throw in some chopped onions and mushrooms and then add coarsely chopped carrots and some broth/stock to cover the veggies, letting that baby cook under a lid for an hour or two. Then I add some whipping cream for the finish.

    Now my mouth is watering.

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    I love beef liver. I could eat it raw. (Really....I can but I usually cook it).

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    I like Mario Batali's liver recipe. Just substitute almond meal for the flour (not too much!) and be careful not to overcook.

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    Calves liver is milder, but the key to offal or game meats is to marinate overnight in white wine or milk; toss out the milk after use, save wine for sauce. Dry the liver on paper towels. In heavy skillet or dutch over, cook 1/2 pound bacon, set aside, cook sliced onion (1medium) in grease, set aside. Coat liver slices with coconut flour (salt & pepper) by shaking in a bag, then cook in bacon grease about 3 min per side. Don't over cook. Put on plate, top with bacon and onion. I like to serve with turnip greens, or some othet sharp green. Try this and you won't regret it. I have converted several liver haters. Liver is just about the most perfect food.
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    While looking for something Offal I came across these videos and info site.

    Pig head, ears and brains

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    I usually have offal curry for breakfast. I use recipes from Charmaine Solomon's Indian Cookery for Pleasure or I adapt other curry recipes. Have returned from the butcher this morning with a beef tongue and veal liver. Thinking of using a Rendang Daging recipe to cook the tongue and throw in the sliced liver for the last few minutes
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    I got all brave this morning and wanted to try a recipe for chicken livers, but guess what? No liver of any kind at the store, zzz.

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    Well, then there was Sir Douglas Mawson, who nearly died of Vit A overdose from eating dog liver in his epic survival trek in Antarctica. Neither of his two human travelling companions nor any canine ones fared as well.

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