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Thread: 2 weeks, 10 lbs

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    2 weeks, 10 lbs

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    I'm 2 weeks into this and dropped 10 lbs already. My pants are literally falling off. I had this same kind of rapid weight loss when I did SOBE diet (30 lbs in 5 weeks), but after a while I got too skinny and lost a lot of muscle mass but still retained a lot of belly fat. I got a lot of negative comments from people saying I looked sickly or that I looked much better before, so I got off it and started pigging out again and put the weight back on. But of course my diet went in the toilet and I felt horrible, my GERD got to the point of being intolerable at times. Of course on this diet I have no acid reflux whatsoever, which is great. I REALLY don't want that to happen again. Do I have to do anything on this diet to try and insure I don't get skinny, or will this diet not do that to me? I have a bit of a gut, which I want to trim, but otherwise I look really fit and pretty jacked everywhere else and don't want to mess with that other than trying to get more cut if possible. Any suggestions?

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    Great results.

    I've just finished my first 30 day challenge. I'm 17lb lighter and a whopping 7inches off my waist. I'm almost ready for new pants too.

    What I've noticed is i'm not developing that sickly look that I get with low fat CW diets, first 10lbs used to come off my face and neck, next 10 off my legs and I never got rid of my belly even when at the lowest end of 'healthy bmi'.

    I also started PF exercise program and I've never exercised before. I can't see any muscles (another 30lb of fat to go) but I can feel them working. I'm very excited and extremely motivated. Great energy, great mood, no sinus pain and no cold feet (?).

    Here's to the next 30 days.

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    Strong bump I know, but great achievement!

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