Oh yeah, public accountability!

I've been primarily primal since last spring, April, or May, when I, in a roundabout sorta way, stumbled on to this site. I did a whole lot of internetting, researched the bejesus out of Primal and Paleo, and was shocked and appalled that I'd never heard of these things before, considering how much sense they made. That was really all I needed, I bought Mark's book (then later, cookbook) out of sheer gratitude for making the info so accessible, and kicked the rice to the curb. I'd booted the breadstuffs a couple of years before after figuring out that I am a celiac.

I lost 10 pounds immediately, the first three weeks really, and felt better than I can remember feeling in ages. Ah, carb bloat weight, gtfo! I have not lost any weight or had any body recomposition since then, though, according to my occasional check ins with the scale, the tape measure, and my pants. Alas.

I try not to get too worked up about this, I've had a life time of beating the shit out of my body with wheat, booze, drugs, lack of sleep, 10 years on the pill + 1 hellish year with a Mirena IUD, my hormones have been out of whack since I hit puberty... And I've never had enough money to see a doctor regularly, and the ones I've seen when I've been poor enough to have medicaid (tell me that's not screwed up, I make too much money to have medicaid, but not enough to have any other healthcare!) were HORRIBLE. Ah, what I'm saying is, I know I have some healing to do, and this year has only been the start of figuring out how to do it for real, and I can tamp down my rabid desire to have abs (or at least one, AN ab, anything!), and a butt that you can bounce a quarter off of. For now...

Right then, stats for the curious and for my own tracking purposes!
As of February 1st, I am: Female, freshly turned 29, 5' 8", these are the things I don't expect to change any time soon.

The malleable:
192lbs (That's period weight though, for the last year I've been very consistently 185-187)
c:40" w:32" h:46"
bicep: 13" of flaaaab
thigh: 26.5"
calf: 16"

Having plugged everything into several different body fat percentage calculators and gotten everything from 28 to 37% body fat.

For the sake of consistency and tracking I'll go with www.scientificpsychic.com/fitness/diet.html (unless someone has a better recommendation) which says at 187, I'm 117 pounds of lean mass and 70 pounds of fat. .. .I .. Uh.. Dang. I still have a 0.7 WHR, that has to count for something, right?

I take daily:
10,000 iu Vitamin D3 every day (Nature's Bounty brand)
300mg 5-HTP (Natrol) Recommended by a book on Fibromyalgia, one of the first things that started to help the pain and my poor sleeping.
800 to 1600 mg magnesium oxide (Nature Made) This seems like a lot, but, tmi, it's the only thing that keeps my guts regular.
A 35 Billion probiotic, from Fairway.

I also grabbed some of the stuff recommended by Tim Ferriss in his 4 Hour Body book (I pirated it, I'll admit it, I was on a torrent binge and it caught my eye),
ALA, ECGC, and garlic extract. It was cheap and a year of no weight loss is a bummer, so I figured I'd give it a try, along with some of his other tricks.

So, food!


Breakfast & Lunch both were leftover filet mignon (it was super cheap at our Fairway), maybe 12oz total, and 3 cups of spinach, all thrown together in pan drippings sauce, with red wine and butter added, there wasn't a lot of fat from the meat. Not a big fan of filet mignon.

"snack" - 1 cup chai, unsweetened, with two tablespoons of coconut milk and a tablespoon of coconut oil. My boyfriend isn't a huge fan of the taste of coconut oil, so I don't use it as often as I'd like in our dinners.

Dinner- Picking at bits of beef as I made stew for the next day, then a hardboiled egg and a tbs of homemade mayo.

Squats and wall push ups were done before all meals and after breakfast and lunch.

Pre-breakfast, 50 "kettlebell" swings, using a 25 lbs dumbbell sitting around the house and prayer that it didn't fly out of my sweaty hands.
Some crunches and some fairly pathetic planks.

Breakfast, 4 egg salad with 1/3 cup homemade mayo (1 cup coconut oil, .5 cup macadamia, 1.5 light olive oil, and spices approximating Ranch flavor, mmm)

No lunch, had a snow day and cleaned the house.

Squats and wall push ups (arms... like.. noodles!) pre dinner.
Dinner, way too much beef stew, with onions, mushrooms, celery, leeks, & a carrot, some red wine, a bay leaf, salt pepper. I usually season heavily, but browning and then simmering short ribs over a couple days just gave it an amazing taste!

Thursday (today):
Squats and wall push ups before and after breakfast.
Breakfast, 3 egg salad, 1/4 cup of the mayo.

Lunch, way too much leftover beef stew. Mmmm.

Snack, 1/8 cup cashews, 1/8 cup pecans, ohhhh self control.

Dinner, about 6ozs of leftover filet mignon, reheated in beef fat scraped off the top of the soup, and a mound of crispy kale cooked in a couple of tbs of bacon fat. And a 1/4 cup of the mayo... Maybe that's a bit too much mayo in the last few days, but save for the snow day, I've been working from 6:30am to 6pm this week and cooking has been grueling. Well, part of the reason for doing this was to give myself a realistic view of what I'm doing and figuring out what to tweak. Too much fat? Mayhaps.

Desert? Okay, not really, but my ragin' uterus wanted a tub of ice cream, so I showed it who's boss with a big ol glass of stevia lemonade. I'm not usually a sugar craver, but, you know, round this time...

So, I'm trying to keep pretty low carb, maybe get all ketogenic, and too much veg seems to mess up my digestion, either slowing or speeding the process uncomfortably. Also, no dairy, 'cept my kerrygold butter, and limiting the nuts. I've been considering the question of IF'ing, in the past year I've been able to do it easily, no hunger, no energy dips, all smooth sailing for up to 24 hours, but... I've been reading round these parts that if your system, thyroid, adrenals, whoknowswhats, is healing that IF should be put off til healthier. Feedback on this would be awesome. I like IFing and would like to work out in a fasted state for the benefits it confers, but I'm wary of hurting myself in some unseen way.

Well, that's a lengthy start, anyway.