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Thread: Really Good Dentist Visit!

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    Really Good Dentist Visit!

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    I just want to say that I've been really pleased with everything thats changed since trying to incorporate Primal eating into my life. I would say that I do it about 50-60% of the time.

    The last time I saw a dentist a year ago, they said I had gum problems, gingivitis, cavities (although I didn't believe the cavities claim)... so I switched dentists to get a second opinion. Well, I meant to get that second opinion sooner, but a whole year went by....

    In that year I found this website, lost weight and i did notice my gums seemed better, but I was blown away yesterday when they told me at my new dentist that i had ZERO cavities and my gums are in perfect health!


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    Yep, if I keep sugar / simple carbs out of my diet, my dental checkups are MUCH better, even without a change in hygiene habits. I'm still dealing with some of the fallout from my younger days (fillings that now need to be crowns) but eating this way has pretty much stopped any net new issues.
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