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Thread: Look what Dr. Oz said this morning on Good Morning America page

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    Look what Dr. Oz said this morning on Good Morning America

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    I was quite pleasantly surprised that he was moving in the right direction. I am not a Oz follower I just happened to catch him on GMA this morning and thought I would share it with all of you.
    Might be the direction we are hoping others begin to follow, well except for the red meat comment, but he was saying ditch the grains and sugar.
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    the other day he was promoting coconut oil internally and externally

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    I caught some of it while doing something else in the house, saw him discussing sugar addiction and liver least that was a big positive. I did not hear the rest, and sure he probably promoted some sort of whole grains and low meat....but at least the sugar discussion was a plus.

    Another part of the show they demonstrated the sugar content in vitamin water (spooning out sugar onto a plate), yum....ugh.

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    Actually, he said get off the grains (!) and eat cruciferous vegetables. We can say this until we're blue in the face and get flak from family/friends/coworkers....but if Dr. Oz says it, WELL! This is hopeful....
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    Wasn't Oz diagnosed with colon cancer (or some precursor to cancer) recently? I think that got him to re-evaluate some of his dietary practices. He was a huge grain/granola advocate.

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    My wife watches Dr. Oz sometimes in the morning when we are eating breakfast. He still does have a lot of guests that come on touting CW. And his food quiz almost always has the pasta as the good choice over something else. Drives me nuts. Would be great to get him, Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson and Bob Seebohar on the set at once.

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    Steve-O, Dr. Oz' colonoscopy found a villous adenoma. It is the most serious type of polyp. It has a high risk of cancer as it grows larger.

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    Hmmm, well that's a start even though he did suggest tofu and limited red meat.

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