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Thread: What is it about dark chocolate that keeps me up at night?

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    Look forward to hearing the results of your experiment, KG. I would have thought it was the caffeine (given you're not much of a coffee drinker), but seems you've ruled that out, so theobromine sounds like the culprit.

    The only thing that keeps me wired that way is caffeine, as I don't drink coffee (well, on the few occasions that I have tried it - yikes!). The one kind of chocolate that I've really noticed kept me wide awake is some German stuff called Schokokola, which contains the triple-whammy combo of dark chocolate + coffee + cola. Lethal stuff - I believe they gave it to pilots in the Luftwaffe during WWII to keep them alert. It's delicious, but I can't have more than one piece of an evening or there goes my sleep.

    I would really like to try Green & Black's coffee-flavoured chocolate, but I'm afraid it might have the same effect ...

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    It has the same effect on me, and it's definately the darker the choc the worse the effect.

    I also have an issue with gluten contamination of chocolate I think. Most brands are cross contaminated even if it's not in the ingredients. I am super, super sensitive to gluten and that also affects my sleep.
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    oooo yes, I have most definitely experienced this eating extreme dark chocolate.. more specifically the G&B (It had been on sale 2/$5) My body and mind were so tired I just could not fall asleep. If I have ingested caffeine I usually don't feel tired and don't want to go to bed. It felt like something else, theobromine. I wanted to go to bed and was soooo tired so I know it wasn't caffeine. I chocked it up to caffeine from coffee I drink every morning so I tried quitting... turns out it was probably that dark chocolate I was eating!!!!!!!!!!!

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    It's the theobromine. It's included in the same class of compounds as caffeine, so it behave similarly in your system, but I believe it also stays in your system longer than when you eat a dark chocolate bar, with a high % of cocoa, you're just getting a big amount of theobromine (compared to say a nestle chocolate bar or something) which is making you jittery or awake.

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